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Nebojsa Lazarevic, Russian agent in the Serbian government

'He's a fanatic, and the fanatic is always concealing a secret doubt.'

Nebojsa Lazarevic, a sometime Serbian folk singer trained by the Serbian folk music singer-songwriter-producer Mira Skoric, is a Serbian government employee also in the employ of the intelligence services of the Russian Federation and a committed Soviet communist.

Lazarevic met Skoric when he was a young football player in the 1990's under the Milosevic regime, and they had relations, presumed to be sexual (as she did with a number of young football players). Skoric was musically influential during the '90s, but her greatest strength lay in connections with Serbian politicians, particularly during the corrupt regime of Serbian President Boris Tadic and his Democratic Party, in the first decade of the twenty-first century. The Tadic-era politicians have, since President Vucic's regime, transformed themselves into Russian-sponsored lackies supporting the Serbian Opposition.

Mira Skoric, 1990's Serbian folk singer, politician and 'supporter' of young footballers' careers


Here is a Serbian newspaper article published on 14 November 2022, just after publication of this essay. It speaks for itself in terms of its origins. Its origin was Lazarevic and/or one of his associates, presumably as petty revenge for the enquiries that have been underway.


We anticipate publishing more information about this extremely unsavoury individual shortly. His sins are substantially worse than we originally understood them to be.

WARNING: DANGEROUS TOWARDS WOMEN. Details below. We urge all women to stay away from this individual.

Nebojsa Lazarevic


If you are interested in Serbia's process of integration into the European Union, and why it is stalling and taking a long time, then one reason is because there is a Russian mole at the heart of the process with a presumed mandate to make the maximum possible mess of the negotiations with the European Union.. Here we explain everything you need to know.

Here are some highlights from Mr Lazarevic's career.

  1. He purports on his LinkedIn profile to be a United Nations employee ((within the United Nations Development Programme, UNDP) but in fact he is no such thing. He was fired by them.

  2. Indeed his being a UN employee would be inconsistent with his employment by the Government of Serbia as one of their EU accession negotiators. UN staff rules prohibit a person from accepting any employment, paid or unpaid, at the same time as working as a UN official; and in particular UN officials are required not to work for national governments as this is an open conflict of interests.

  3. This may be a reason why he was fired from UNDP.

  4. His employment by a Belgrade headquartered NGO, the European Center for Peace and Development, even if unremunerated (and we strongly suspect that it is remunerated), is also inconsistent with working both at the United Nations and for the government of the Republic of Serbia. (As in most countries, civil servants in Serbia are not allowed to take side jobs.)

  5. The European Center for Peace and Development masquerades as an international institution of higher education with offices in Belgrade and Moscow as well as various other highly unlikely places (e.g. Prizren, Kosovo; Banja Luka, Republika Srpska) but we think it is a Russian front institution, possibly run by the SVR (the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service), for whatever bizarre purposes that particular branch of the Russian intelligence agencies have in mind - probably causing trouble for the sake of it.

  6. We note that although professing to be a Serbian institution of higher education with headquarters in Belgrade, the ECPD has no website in Serbian. That is because, taken in the round, it is apparent that this website was written by one or more Russian persons. It is in the typical style of a Russian corporate website: full of irrelevant nonsense and tells you nothing of practical value (for example, how to enrol at their Banja Luka or Prizren campuses; presumably, this being a fake higher education institution, these things are impossible).

  7. Reputation for forcibly seducing women and using violence against them in sexual contexts; then blackmailing them to do things in his imagined interests or agenda against threat of exposure. Two sources (whose anonymity will be protected unconditionally) corroborate this.

  8. Lazarevic has no training in EU institutions or in EU law, making him a very peculiar governmental advisor to the Republic of Serbia in respect of her EU accession negotiations. He presumably simply has no idea what he is talking about.

  9. His email address is but he operates a crude rejection tool on his account such that if he wants to give the impression that he has not received an email, he can force Gmail to send a bounce-back message. (This is a fairly cheap intelligence trick.)

  10. His registered address is in Rakovica, a wealthy suburb of Belgrade unaffordable to a person on a regular Serbian government salary. Hence we infer that he has tertiary sources of income (i.e. sources of income he should not have as a Serbian civil servant).

  11. Lazarevic is an old-school Soviet communist ideologue, believing in Soviet communism as a political ideology. His political beliefs are radical and even bizarre. His residence is replete with miscellanea from the Soviet era, which he seems to idolise. His eccentric and inchoate ideological beliefs make him unreliable; but he is prepared to undertake periodic (but laxly executed) Russian dirty work typical of SVR agents (such as harassing and disrupting diplomats; and infiltrating social and political domestic groups to cause chaos).

  12. Lazarevic is one of the staff of the European Policy Centre, a 'thinktank' that focuses upon reasons why none of the Western Balkan countries are ready to join the EU - an explicit Russian foreign policy agenda. The organisation has connections with Panamanian mobile telephone numbers and while its address in Belgrade is extremely difficult to find (still more its telephone number - other than Panamanian) but we have found it. All email addresses associated with this organisation block external emails, which is peculiar to put things mildly. Lazarevic's ex-wife Milena works at the same institution. The European Policy Centre in Belgrade, a Russian propaganda outfit, has nothing to do with the Brussels NGO of the same name.

Milena Lazarevic, ex-wife of Nebojsa Lazarevic and Program Manager at the European Policy Center

Now some additional observations:

  1. The general reason when working in Russian intelligence for have a Panamanian mobile number is that the corporate structure you set up to hide evidence of Russian government ownership funding or control ends up with a backstop of Panamanian nominee directors whose identity the 'client' of a Panamanian law firm is allowed to adopt (signing documents on their behalves etcetera). These directors are typically villagers from remote parts of Panama and the Panamanian law firms arrange for them to be directors who rent their identities for a few. A statutory telephone number is required for the Panamanian dorextora' register so your Panamanian law firm mails you a Panamanian SIM card for that purpose.

  2. We conclude that Lazarevic is a Russian agent, highly likely of the a. The status Lazarevic so craved despite his unpromising career at UNDP was fulfilled by the Russians giving him an imaginary position at a fictitious Russian front university and by squeezing him into Serbia's EU accession negotiating team, where he could collect maximum secrets and cause most havoc in a process he doesn't understand. [UPDATE 12 JAN 2023 In fact he was an errant member of the FSB and a Russian citizen before he started his profession as a bus rider and then suddenly it turned out that nobody knew who he had ever been.]

  3. Lazarevic has run five Serbian shell companies with bank accounts in places like Nis (three accounts) and Zajecar, for the purposes of funnelling Russian government money into Serbian activities aimed at influencing Serbian politics (such as the organisations referred to above). These various companies have been liquidated and/or had their accounts frozen because they are laundering money. His curious choice of bank account locations was presumably due to his perception that banking regulatory standards for money laundering is more lax in Serbia's provinces. Alas (for him), that proved not to be so.

  4. Ergo Proditor.

  5. Given his bizarre obsession with Soviet communism and his 'use and abuse' attitude towards women, we must countenance the prospect that Lazarevic is a psychopath. He is not a stupid man; he must realise that propounding Soviet communism is preposterous and hence only a means to an end; and he apparently has no human sympathies towards half the population, namely women. His relationship (or lack thereof) with his mother or other female members of his family would surely be worth exploring in establishing a full personality profile of this insalubrious individual.

  6. Nevertheless for now we retain the view that he remains relatively junior and small fry (although he does deceive some foreign diplomats); and it seems doubtful that the Serbian President actually listens to him. He just leaves a foul taste in the mouths of his EU interlocutors whenever he has an opportunity to be face-to-face with them; this has surely damaged Serbia's imminent EU accession prospects which is in the Russian national interest following their foreign policy of 'make a mess and prevent western European institutions from taking hold in any further countries'. Hopefully, reading this, Serbia's international (EU and other) interlocutors will learn simply to ignore him as a Russian stooge.

  7. Even better, the international community should simply demand of Serbian President Alexander Vucic that he be fired and excommunicated from all Serbian government roles, on pain of international sanctions.

p.s. Thanks for making the sex audio tape. We hope you enjoyed listening to it. Frankly neither of us gives a damn. Only the Russians like recording videos and audio of people having sex. You make yourself look ridiculous.

Moreover trying to use a woman you previously had a fling with to honeytrap me is one of the most idiotic things I have ever known an agent to do. You know nothing whatsoever about me, and all you have done is to make yourself a mountain of problems. I am a Cold War warrior, and for someone like you I am the meaning of problems. It also makes you appear a sleazeball, which I have no doubt that you are. You are a callous, ruthless exploiter of women and for that reason you are despicable.

I would imagine you will have a healthy career in the SVR; but they'll never pay you properly. You're just not important enough, and you're not clever enough to become so.


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