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There are many private investigators, and we do not pretend to replace them. If you need to know more about a person, an entity or a transaction, there are many firms available in different jurisdictions to assist you. We are happy to work with such firms for the most part, as long as they do not have a reputation for committing crimes. We are also happy to recommend such companies. The services private investigators provide are usually limited to human intelligence acquired through tracking people.

For the most part, our services in this field involve the investigation of crimes, other wrongdoings, or inexplicable events, when the Police and other law enforcement authorities have proven wanting, corrupt or unable to act. This is an unusual service that most private investigators cannot credibly pretend to undertake. We have relationships with law enforcement organisations across the world, sometimes in such a position as to be able to take precedence over them where that is appropriate. If you think you have been the victim of crime, your most rational first stop is not necessarily with the Police.

In certain circumstances, we may undertake broader investigations into very specific people and their affairs upon a client's request. Typically this is undertaken internationally, with a network of local agents who have expertise in collecting intelligence in their jurisdictions.

Exceptionally, we undertake the investigations personally. We can combine such enquiries with liaison, where that is the client's desire. Our capacity for investigative work, always undertaken with the utmost discretion, is of the very broadest kind and with the levels of expertise used. Our methods may be unorthodox, but effective.

We will pursue debtors and assets, but only in special cases. Asset tracing in obscure jurisdictions is often a waste of time unless one is prepared to spend colossal sums of money in obtaining judicial orders freezing the assets in question.

We do not undertake investigations work relating to the separation of couples, married or otherwise; or the interests of their children under the age of majority. Nor do we engage in routine extra-judicial debt collection. We will not buy debts from creditors, for example.

The Paladins

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