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Our team includes experts in foreign travel to the most precarious of environments, whether the risks involve the act of travel itself, disease, civil conflict, specific dangers of violence against the travelling person, legal hazards, risk of arrest or the detention of assets, kidnap, or the inability to return.

We do not provide bodyguard services, and we are not security consultants in the conventional sense. However we work with people providing these services, and we can recommend people who do so; but we will never commend that a client retains people who break the law and we will not be parties to arrangements in which this is intended.

Instead we provide advice on safety in specific environments and given specific dangers, and we help make discreet (or, where appropriate, indiscreet) travel arrangements.

We also provide honest advice as to whether an environment is really as dangerous as may be anticipated. Often, it is not; or the danger is not that imagined.

We have experience of negotiating the release from custody of prison inmates and persons held unlawfully, and we are prepared to serve as front line hostage negotiators.

We pride ourselves upon the following pledge: there is nowhere in the world that we cannot help a reasonable person travel to within reasonable parameters of safety and risk.

The Paladins

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