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Sometimes you need to contact someone, to negotiate a political or commercial arrangement, or for some other purpose. However you may not know how to contact them. Or you may need to approach them deniably. Or you may need assistance with structuring a negotiation.

We can assist with all these matters. We research the most effective method of contacting any person, using our extensive network of contacts. We specialise in conducting the most delicate of negotiations. Between the people in our network, we have hundreds of years of experience of handling the most sensitive matters.

Sometimes negotiations are undertaken in total privacy. Sometimes they are undertaken in public, using the media. One way of contacting a person who does not want to be contacted is to write something they will read. One needs to know the person well, to know what to write that will cause them to take notice in the right way.

We can also make contact with organisations you may need to speak to, but where it is not straightforward to make those contacts.

We can serve as mediators in complex disputes that are crying out for resolution, working as shuttle diplomats.

We have colossal experience of the painstaking work involved in so-called "Track II diplomacy", that is to say informal diplomacy between nations undertaken with a commercial, academic or other pretext. We have been staffed over periods of months and indeed years with such projects.

The Paladins

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