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We have exceptional experience, far beyond the norm found in industry or government, of problems in counter espionage. If you think you are the subject of surveillance, whether human or technological, we may be able to assist you. We are familiar with espionage methods across the world, and we can help you avoid being the subject of unwelcome surveillance.

We have access to some of the finest technology minds as well as a team of people who have been the subject of the highest levels of friendly and unfriendly surveillance and false interactions, and we know the methods employed by private investigators and international intelligence agencies alike.

We do not undertake routine training or technology patching; we will not advise you how to protect your business's IT systems as a general matter. We are happy to recommend and work with companies that do this sort of work. Instead we focus upon specific projects in which there is an identifiable threat of espionage, and we provide distinct advice upon how to thwart it and how to confuse it.

At all times the client must have a specific goal in mind. Surveillance is a routine feature of modern society. This website does not identify the beneficial ownership of the organisation, perhaps to assist in air of mystique; but a capable private investigator could easily find out. There is little point in trying to prevent them.


Many counter intelligence solutions involve the same philosophy: it is often worth letting your opponents find out things about you, or not trying to stop them. That way, when you want to mislead them, you have a pre-established avenue for doing so. 


We work in counter espionage where the intelligence gathering they seek to resist is not only intrusive but malign and contrary to our clients' interests.

The Paladins

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