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Shoulder launched javeline surface to air missile
S-400 Russian surface to air missile
Reaper drone
Nimitz class aircraft carrier strike group

The Paladins, while not offering mercenary services or anything similar, do have extensive knowledge of problems arising during wars, particularly in the context of civil conflicts. Services we offer in this area include:


Advice on armour and armaments

Risks assessments in international and civil wars

Battlefield planning and logistics

Civilian extraction services

People movement strategies across challenging terrain

Advice on small arms

Working with business partners providing hostile environment training

Ceasefire and demilitarised (buffer) zone arrangements

Street fighting and door-to-door engagements in built-up areas

Sieges of hotels and commercial premises

Orientation in dangerous cities

Release of persons in Police or prison custody in hostile environments

Refugee camp extraction and hazards of residence in refugee camps

Strategic carrier strike fleet movement

Air defence

Deepwater submarines and SLBM capabilities

AI and unmanned weapon effectiveness, including drones and sentry guns

Invasion strategies and countermeasures

Military and civilian aspects of coups d'état

Law applying to the military in theatre, and how to prevent it from stinging armed forces personnel

Federalisation agreements for divided territories

Democratic systems in divided societies: the options; choosing the best; and enshrining it into law

Constitution drafting for new states

Moving people amidst civil conflict

Passing and re-passing into and out of disputed territories

Nuclear disasters

The Paladins abhor war, but sometimes there is no other route.


Tacitus, Agricola XXX

The Paladins

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