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The Paladins offer a range of services to train organisations' personnel; to provide them with advice; and to provide assistance to them in precarious, dangerous or catastrophic circumstances. The areas in which we can assist include:


Police and law enforcement training: how to write up evidence, and how to survive cross-examination in court

Managing security force detentions for carrying narcotics for personal use only in unfavourable environments (Pleasse note: we will not act for drug dealers in any circumstances whatsoever)

Managing problems relating to government agents or private soldiers / mercenaries who have found themselves in legal complications

Managing plans for the going to ground of "hot" personnel

Preventing cross-border travel and ancillary matters, for persons suspected of serious wrongdoing

Facilitating or fighting extradition, deportation, and denial or removal of citizenship and residency

Advising on both defensive and offensive strategies in relation to Golden Passport schemes

Immigration and border detention in hostile environments

Tactical measures against hotel room and office bugging

Training courses for electoral observers in the usual schemes of electoral fraud

Police and military restructuring arrangements

Confidential and tailored alcohol smoking and recreational narcotic rehabilitation arrangements

Trafficking and other mistreatment of vulnerable people

The Paladins

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