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There are many companies that undertake corporate risk assessments for clients considering investing in a particular jurisdiction or working with specific businesspeople. The starting point is often company registries, and then there is a great deal of jigsaw work.

However one also needs to known the environment in which the client is operating or proposing to operate. Patterns of high risk (i.e. international criminal) behaviour permeate in different ways across the various regions of the world. Often the smallest details give away what is going on underneath the complex charades every businessperson and politician in emerging markets operates within..

We are not experts in every country in the world, but we are experts in certain regions. Our language skills are both comprehensive and astonishing. We know the experts - or just ordinary people - to ask in most jurisdictions, and we will prepare painstaking and non-formulaic due diligence for our clients upon every aspect of a country's, entity's or person's dealings.

It is often the case that whereas one thinks one is doing business with government, in fact the government is a disguise and one is actually entering into a transaction with a private individual or company. Likewise, some transactions with ostensibly private companies turn out really to be engagements with governments or even with quasi-governmental militia groups or other sub sovereign political units. We will ensure that your eyes are open in whatever engagement you have in a potentially risky environment.

With us standing behind you, you will know what you are getting into. And we will guide you, if you want us to, and support you in the engagements you undertake. It is not just a matter of a silky report in the first instance. We will follow a transaction with you through from beginning to end, if that is the service you seek.

The Paladins

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