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The Paladins were historical knights in the service of Emperor Charlemagne, committed to fighting in service of the cause of good.

We are a network of the highest quality of professional people who undertake the very most challenging professional mandates for their select clients. We work in the field of law, investigations, crisis management, emergencies, disaster relief, international development, threats to life and liberty, threats to business, threats to government, security, terrorism, unstable politics and legal and physical danger. We strive to act without fear or favour.

We choose our clients and our work with the utmost care and prior due diligence. We do not generally market our services. If anyone approaches you offering services for sale under our moniker, be sceptical and use our contact form to make sound enquiry of us. Where we charge a fee (and we assess the matter upon an ability to pay basis), it is substantial and often without guarantee of success.

As an organisation we have no religious affiliations, although individual members of our team are at liberty to choose to have any religious beliefs or none. Notwithstanding, we only undertake work we consider ethical. We aim always to act with integrity and in the greater good. If your goals are not consonant with that principle, then we will be unable to work with you.

Nevertheless, the ends justify the means.

We abhor discrimination of every kind, and we seek to thwart it where that is possible and lawful.

We work with a variety of other individuals, organisations and networks around the world to achieve the results our clients desire. Where we accept a mandate, because we will be satisfied of the nobility of the cause, we will use all lawful means necessary to achieve our client's goals.

As a rule, our membership and the networks with whom we work are confidential. Where we cannot tell our clients who we are working with, we will explain why.

Where we are asked to conduct work regulated by governments, we will invariably work with or through regulated persons and entities.

We will never reject a mandate purely because it appears upon first impression too difficult. If a lost cause is just, then it is not lost. There is always a way to wield the cold sword of justice.

We require that our clients be fully open with us from the outset, and that they do not lie to us. We are always available for deployment, anywhere around the world, on the shortest notice. If you need us in a far-flung place straight away, we will find the resources to fulfil your needs.

We never act without clients; we do not act alone. We act upon the instructions and wishes of clients who have awarded us specific mandates that we have accepted, and not otherwise. We are no lone wolves.

We always require that our clients permit us to show mercy if, and only if, that is appropriate.

We are here to serve.

The Paladins

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