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We have experience, both as a team and through our network, of litigating politically and commercially sensitive disputes across the world. We also manage any media and publicity exposure that arises out of using the courts.

We are regarded as some of the most ferocious and effective litigators worldwide. We operate on the model of a small team of ruthlessly determined people, focused always upon obtaining leverage and planning long-term strategy: for litigation is seldom a quick processs

We have extensive experience of international criminal litigation, including international arrest warrants, the international police information sharing services, extradition, asset freezing, disputes with international authorities and international organisations, forum shopping and the use of courts to achieve the best results. We have extensive experience of international arbitration and other international courts and tribunals of which few lawyers have significant practical experience.

We pride ourselves on using the legal process to achieve political or other leverage in order to produce a client's preferred outcome. The advice we provide is mostly, but not exclusively, strategic. We can advise clients where to litigate, how to collect evidence, and when to negotiate.

In all cases we work with locally regulated law firms where that is appropriate. We have a network of effective lawyers for specific types of case across the globe.

We decline to act in routine commercial litigation, save where there is a specific political or other sensitive aspect to the claim. We are happy to recommend international commercial law firms for standard commercial litigation, and to also to work in partnership with them where that is useful.

The cases in which we serve as principal counsel have the very highest stakes, never limited to money. At this stage we show our teeth.

We strike the fear of God into our opponents.

The Paladins

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