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The Paladins Services Limited

The Paladins Solicitors Limited, (to be) regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority

Registered address and for postal correspondence:

The Paladins

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Physical address for personal visits: please make written request

WhatsApp message communications (no incoming calls): +381638842659

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Wickr ID (messages only): thepaladins

For 24-hour service, please telephone us. WhatsApp and Session messages will typically be replied to within 6 to 24 hours, email and faxes within 24 to 48 hours, postal communications within one week of receipt.

We do not accept communications by social media such as Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. We have no Facebook or VKontakte accounts. We do not use any of Viber, Signal, Telegram or any other messaging services except WhatsApp, Wickr and Session.



Thank you for contacting the Paladins. Where we believe we may be able to assist, we typically reply within 48 hours. If you do not receive a reply, then we are unable to help you on this occasion.

Terms, conditions and miscellania

Confirmation of identity: We always need to know who our clients are. As a general rule, we need documentation confirming their identity. For regulated work (i.e. provision of a solicitor's reserved services), we will ask for a copy of the client's / UBO's passport photo page and a utility bill or other document confirming address. These documents will be privileged, and therefore in the ordinary course of business they will remain confidential to us. The same documentary requirements apply where we are asked to hold client money for any purpose other than an advance provision on account of our fees.

All regulated work will be covered by a solicitor's retainer letter and undertaken through The Paladins Solicitors Limited. In other cases the contract for services may be recorded in less formal means; in any such case the contracting party is The Paladins Services Limited.

In the absence of contrary agreement, the client is agreeing to pay the various hourly rates of the Paladins working on their project and the hourly rates of the staff members. Full confidentiality and legal privilege within the maximum limits of the law is always implied.

We always take an advance provision on account of fees and costs (save where we agree to work without fee - something that'll always be recorded in writing). This applies irrespective of the solvency of the client or the amount of work that client may send us. Payment is always in advance. We will stop work when the advance provision is exhausted, pending receipt of a further advance.

In many cases we will work for a fixed fee, which must be paid either entirely in advance or, if agreed in writing, against milestones. We will never accept a tail-end fee; we never provide credit to our clients.

Our billing and banking currency for all purposes is GBP, save where we reach exceptional contrary written agreement with our clients.


Our billing philosophy is not based upon a client's wealth (save where we work without charge), but rather upon our assessment of the complexity and difficulty of the matter. Whether you be a local business or Elon Musk, our fees will be the same for the same piece of work. We charge travel at 50% of our hourly rates plus expenses. We fly in Business Class and stay in business standard hotels unless there is an operational reason not to do so.

Where our client is a government entity we will not require a written retainer agreement unless our regulator so mandates (e.g. for English litigation work), but we will need to satisfy ourselves that the person instructing us on behalf of that public sector body has sufficient authority.

Trading with the Enemy

Operating by way of two English limited companies, under the Trading with the Enemy Act 1939 we cannot act for any client that is a public body, person or entity of any state with whom the United Kingdom is formally at war. At the time of writing there are no such countries.

Security issues and Instant Messaging

No contract terms can be created using self-imploding messages or messages otherwise timed to self-erase after any particular period.

Each of WhatsApp, Wickr and Session have different security advantages (and disadvantages relating to ease of use). If you wish to communicate in this way and you are not certain which messaging application you should use, start with WhatsApp and we will guide you.

No holding out

No individual or entity has the legal authority to hold themselves out as representatives of The Paladins Services Limited, The Paladins Solicitors Limited or The Paladins organisation (an umbrella term for both of these companies) except the Managing Partner, whose name and identity details are provided on the "Paladins Solicitors" webpage of this website.

Governing law and jurisdiction

This website is hosted in England. The two companies whose work it describes are registered in England. All legal relationships created by interactions with The Paladins organisation are governed by English law, and the English courts have exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes arising out of or in relation to any such legal relationship.

The Paladins

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