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The PALADINS Organization are not a regulated law firm. However we are from time to time asked to advise upon disputes that may resolve the most specialist types of civil and criminal litigation that may come before the courts of a number of countries.


We will never undertake reserved work (i.e. work that requires one to be registered or licensed) in jurisdictions in which we are not registered or licensed to do so.


Where we provide services in this field, we may advise or counsel parties before tribunals such as the Administrative Court (judicial review of administrative actions); applications to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (which considers complaints against the security and intelligence agencies and their officers and agents); extradition and deportation proceedings in unusual cases; exceptional bail applications; prosecutions for criminal offences; negotiations with specific branches of the Police; witness protection; asylum applications; and commercial litigation against politically driven foreign counterparts. 

As with the Paladins' broader business, the Paladins, when advising on legal issues of any kind, work solely with ethical mandates in the most extraordinary and complicated cases where the political stakes are high. 

We are not typically the law firm you come to when you are seeking monetary compensation as your primary goal; instead we pursue more sophisticated positive political resolutions. We do not replace commercial litigation firms, and we do not have a large team to undertake enormous court filings; we undertake work that compliments the work of those law firms in accordance with services we advertise upon this site.

To contact the PALADINS Organization for legal matters, employ the regular contact details you habitually use for the Paladins.

Any legal work will involve a prospective client will be asked to sign an engagement letter on the usual terms required by any appropriate regulator.

Our Managing Partner

The PALADINS Organization are led by Dr Matthew Parish, one of Europe's best-known international lawyers. Dr Parish has, amongst his qualifications and achievements:

Triple First Class Honours from Christ's College, Cambridge

Top of his class (summa cum laude) at the University of Chicago Law School

Doctoral thesis supervised by the Honorable Richard J. Posner

More than 20 years of experience as a commercial litigation and arbitration lawyer; sometime partner at one of the world's leading law firms with headquarters in London

His own newly born firm was named in the Global Arbitration Review world's top 100 law firms in its first year of operation

Acted for multiple sovereigns and for individuals and entities in actions against sovereigns

Ran the international component of a leading UN Secretary General candidate in 2016, that candidate ultimately coming second

Author of three books and several hundred articles about international law and international relations

Named as one of the three hundred most influential people in Switzerland

Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum

Has worked with some of the top law firms across the globe

Sometime UN peacekeeper

Specialist in volatile conflict areas

Principal area of focus: resolution of civil conflicts

Honorary Professor, Comparative Civil Law and Litigation, University of Leicester

Chief Executive, Foundation for Development

Sometime International Law Association Committee Head, New York City

Frequent journalist and writer

Sometime World Bank employee (Middle East and North Africa speciality)

The world's leading scholar on post-war Bosnia

Advocate of constructivism in international law

Critical of international courts and tribunals

Expert in trans-Balkan drug policy

Witness before the European Parliament and the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

Has sat as arbitrator / counsel on multiple disputes involving state interests

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Sometime clerk at the European Court of Justice

Senior western expert in Serbia policy

Western expert in Ukraine and Belarus policies

Senior expert in the politics and government of the State of Kuwait

Senior expert in United Nations reform

Sometime World ECR leading expert, international sanctions

Renowned for ferocious litigation tactics

Maliciously effective cross-examiner

Senior Catalonia expert following his mandate to work on the Catalan independence movement in 2017

Experience in the courts and judicial systems of more than 50 countries

Acknowledged expert in a range of arbitration rules and juridical seats

Other disputed territories he has worked on: Nagorno-Karabakh; Serbia / Kosovo; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Thailand's junta; Ukraine and Crimea; Ukraine and Donbas; Belarus

Holder of multiple scholarships from Christ's College, Cambridge; also Lord Eastham and Jean-Pierre Warner scholarships bestowed by the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn (also licensed as a member of the Inn); member of the Denning Society

Sometime Fellow of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law

New York attorney for seventeen years

Doctoral thesis about international peacekeeping

Fellow, Centre d’Histoire et de Prospective Militaires, Lausanne


Comprehensively government-trained for hostile environment missions

Speaks six languages

Sometime resident of and practitioner of law in Cairo, Egypt

Senior Fellow, Institute of Comparative Law, Belgrade

Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Mediators

The Paladins

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