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Mr. N. L. - meaningless letters

We at the PALADINS Organization would like to clarify that we have no understanding of the initials N. L. and we never have done. Actually we know so little about this subject that we have no idea even what these letters mean when joined together, still less what sort of person they might refer to if they made any sense to us which they do not - and we are quite certain never will mean anything meaningful or even coherent to us or to anyone else - ever. We wouldn't even know what these letters meant if they appeared on the destination panel of a bus in a wealthy suburb of Moscow.

The same goes for all other combinations of initials which we know nothing about whatsoever and it turns out that we never will - perhaps they are the initials of bus drivers but that is nothing to do with us because we respect the ways that other companies run their bus services.

Indeed even persons with the same initials as this author cannot expect indefinite comprehension of their terms of address, which made sense initially but then things seemed to become meaningless via continued association with another meaningless unknown bus driver as hereinabove described. This seems very strange and unsatisfactory to us from the point of view of this ancillary individual wanting their initials to convey meaning. Stupid people, irrespective of their imagined good intentions and often by reason of their unwarranted arrogance, find that their words and then soon after even their initials dissolve into meaninglessness at some point, as part of the bus company's perpetual renovation process.

As things stand we imagine that the lack of meaning that emerged in this second case means that it will always will remain totally meaningless and we will never know anything about that subject, just as we never understood the Moscow bus map she has been using to navigate by - unless things change in some surprisingly positive way, in which case the clouds of permanent miscomprehension might be lifted and the metro can start being used instead. This assumes it is not all too late in which latter case meaninglessness will obviously be as permanent as the death of a careless bus crash's tragic victims.

The clock is ticking and we did not wind it. Clock winders tend to wind their own clocks, even if we chose to help with dusting off the top of the clock (to assist with internal transparency of the clock mechanism - clock winders are extremely sensitive about bus drivers, and rightly so). Hence we do we do not know how fast the clock was wound.

We have nothing else to say at this time. For all we know, secondary meaningless initials may already have become completely meaningless in practice by virtue of the pre-decisions of clock winders. But that we do not know and we shall not investigate unless someone approaches us and asks us to do so.

We remain, dear Sirs, Very Truly Yours.

The PALADINS Organization

Diplomacy in the Second Cold War


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