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The Paladins updates on the war in Ukraine

Over the past few weeks we have sought to provide objective, neutral updates about the 'on the ground' situation of the war in Ukraine, to assist those living or working in military theatre, for whatever reason, to stay alive. These guides have not been intended as political documents; instead they have been drafted as practical guides to help people avoid dying.

With great regret, we must bring these updates to a close.

The hoped-for remuneration for preparing these reports has not been forthcoming. We are a commercial organisation and we cannot work for free. Travel to Ukrainian theatre and her environs is dangerous and expensive. The human intelligence research to write such reports is enormously time consuming. All peacekeeping work in such a huge theatre as Ukraine requires very significant deployment of financial resources.

We wish all people caught up in the war, including persons in Ukraine, refugees, and Russian military members and their anxious families, the very best during these terrible times. Our thoughts are with you. We very much regret that we can no longer assist you at this time.



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