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The Kuwaiti Videos Affair - Wikipedia contents

Because Wikipedia entries can be constantly changed or deleted, we at The Paladins have decided to preserve the current copies of two Wikipedia pages which we consider particularly accurate in their existing statuses, before their substantive contents may be edited away.

One is a Wikipedia page about the Kuwaiti videos affair. The page, which at the time of writing contains 45 references to reliable primary and secondary sources, is here:

And a PDF of its original contents is here; it has since been amended to remove primary source materials, apparently by Wikipedia editors:

This is possibly the most neutral and impartial account of the Kuwaiti videos affair that has been published to date.

The second Wikipedia page we at The Paladins have decided to preserve is about Dr Matthew Parish.

The page is here:

Its current contents, that have been subject to repeated vandalism, is here:

UPDATE: 12 February 2022, here is another version of the Wikipedia page about Dr Parish.

Since these edits, defamatory material relating to a living person has been added by a Wikipedia administrator called "Cordless Larry" based in the United Kingdom. Complaint was made to "Cordless Larry" on his talk page, but in the Wikipedia system administrators have the capacity permanently to delete material about themselves on their own pages; and this is what has happened to the written exchange complaining to "Cordless Larry" about his insertion of defamatory information.

Complaint was made to the Wikimedia Foundation legal department, that decided not to act. See here:

Now Wikipedia administrators have prevented all further changes to his own Wikipedia page. This has been done in offensive terms. See here:

Now it is time for some forensic observations about "Cordless Larry". He is by far and away the most active Wikipedia "volunteer" administrator. Indeed he seems to work virtually 24/7, forensically editing any foreign political articles so that their perspective is more in line with that of the British government. It is impossible to imagine that he is a volunteer; or even that he is a single person. His output too massive and too concentrated in specific areas. The only reasonable inference to draw about "Cordless Larry" is that he is an account on a computer inside government offices whose actual user changes (nobody can work 24/7 doing nothing but editing detailed Wikipedia articles about foreign political events; nobody could have sufficient knowledge to do that still less be stuck at their computers for such long hours). "Cordless Larry" is probably an account at GCHQ, the British intelligence service based in Cheltenham.

That's all very well, and probably to be expected that a major country's intelligence services is manipulating an open-source internet encyclopaedia such as this, which is so influential in assisting people to form their opinions about subjects in the modern age. But where "Cordless Larry" and his backers fall into illegality of the worst kind is where they use their information technology skills intentionally to defame a British citizen and an English solicitor. If they persisting in doing that, then they must be exposed and sued. That is because English law does not permit the government, even its clandestine services, wantonly to defame an officer of the Court. There can be no public policy justification in doing this; it is contemptuous of the English court that supervises English solicitors; and it is also unlawful. GCHQ and the various employees posing as "Cordless Larry" are not immune from English defamation law. Either they will correct themselves, or they must be exposed to its consequences.

The letter before action sent to the Wikimedia Foundation on 16 February 2022 appears here:

We shall see how this plays out.

In any event all these pages are now preserved in perpetuity, to offset the effects of vandalism or attacks upon their content.

"History is written by the victors."

Winston Churchill


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