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Specialist extraction services: Ukraine

Where a person is detained under unusual circumstances, and you seek to obtain their release; where the terms of that release would need to be most delicately negotiated; then if no-one else can help, maybe you can try contacting us.

In other words, we are hostage negotiators.

Typical negotiation terms:

  1. Financial

  2. Confidentiality undertakings and watertight legal agreements

  3. Cessation of involvement of newspapers

  4. Assurances that the person is still alive

  5. Interim assurances of tolerable treatment pending final negotiated resolution

  6. Negotiations in theatre

  7. Guaranteed permanent departure of detained person from theatre

  8. Police supervision of home travel

  9. Guaranteed stay at home for a specific period

  10. Full security force study of file non-negotiable

  11. Discretion in all aspects

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