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Per Diem rates in conflict zones

The Paladins have a system of charging beyond ordinary fees and expenses when engaging in international travel. The individual team members will charge in addition to the usual fixed, agreed or hourly fees, a daily rate that will depend upon whether we classify the destination as a 'conflict zone' or not. So there are two Per Diem rates, one for conflict zones and one for other international destinations. We charge Per Diems on a 'where you rest your head' basis.

By classifying a territory as a 'conflict zone', as strictly neutral observers and mediators we entail no assertions in international law, normative principles of international relations or any other ethical or legal proposition about the territories listed. We simply mean that they are dangerous places, in our assessment, to visit; and hence our fees are higher for going there.

Here is a list of the territories we currently classify as 'conflict zones' for these purposes:

  1. All territory within the borders of pre-2014 Ukraine except Crimea

  2. North Kosovo

  3. Central African Republic

  4. Sudan

  5. South Sudan

  6. Myanmar

  7. Afghanistan

  8. Yemen

  9. Tigray region of Ethiopia

  10. All three regions of Somalia

  11. The Great Lakes region

  12. Iraq, excluding Kurdistan

  13. Niger

  14. Burkina Faso

  15. Northern Mali / Chad

  16. Northern Nigeria

  17. Syria (all regions)

  18. Nagorno-Karabakh

  19. The following areas of Pakistan; Quetta; Karachi; the NWFP; north and south Waziristan

  20. The Pangong Lake area of Ladakh (India) and Tibet (China)

  21. Cabo Delgado, Mozambique

Here is a list of countries we generally decline to travel to under any circumstances whatsoever. Again inclusion on this list entails no legal or ethical proposition on our part. The reasons a country might appear on this short list are variable; but in general terms the appearance of a territory on this list is because we consider travel to such places so extremely dangerous as a matter of fact that no sum of money could compensate us for the risk involved.

  1. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea

  2. The Islamic Republic of Iran

  3. The Republic of Turkmenistan

We will strive to keep these lists updated.


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