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Most likely to succeed? Potential scenarios for Kuwaiti succession

With Kuwaiti ruler Sheikh Sabah now approaching his 91st birthday, the region’s attention is turning to the topic of succession once again. The transition of power to Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf seems relatively certain. However, the matter of who will become the next crown prince and potential long-term ruler of Kuwait remains an open question; uncertainty surrounding succession leaves Kuwait open to internal conflict over tradition and family lineage, and could cause significant changes in regional and global relations.

This article by LSE academic Courtney Freer is remarkably well-sourced, given that she is based in the United Kingdom.

The article itself however leaves open the ultimate question of Kuwaiti succession, and the battle between the two Sheikhs: the former Prime Minister Nasser, and the sports financier Ahmed. All the other candidates are mere proxies for those two. Upon what event does the ultimate succession battle between these two individuals depend?

That remains to be seen this September. The Paladins welcome all expressions of interest about this.


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