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Daniel (and Lucy) O'Brien of Dubai, Russian agents

Он не может устроиться водителем автобуса

Name: Daniel Vadim O'Brien

Year of birth: November 1975

Born; Welwyn, United Kingdom

Nationalities / backgrounds: British, Russian (mother), Australian (father)

Principal passport: British citizen

Ostensible profession / cover: Maths teacher (hopeless)

Affiliations: SVR (Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation)

ergo proditor

Agency quality (see this link): rounded mean 3/10. An incompetent, compromised, unreliable, arrogant, intellectually mediocre, disloyal and mostly useless agent except as cannon fodder

Principal skill: deceit; takes in a lot of people

Sexual proclivities: public genital exposure, particularly in high risk situations

Spouse: Lucy, British citizen, apparently knowledgeable of and loyal to his behaviour: ergo also a traitor. Two minor children, unnamed due to respect for the the objection to the principle of family / collective responsibility

Lucy O'Brien (nee Meacher, a well-known family of British socialists), British citizen, of Dubai, Head of Fleishman Europe's office in Dubai (nothing to do with the PR firm Fleishman United States).

L. O'Brien (nee Meacher) is not physically dangerous to knowledge but attracts high scores in manipulation and deceit. As a PR manager, she has had clients believed to work for the SVR and/or FSB (which one is not clear) but it is asserted she has been distributing Russian government propaganda masquerading as public relations material over a period of several years at the least.

Agency level (L. O'Brien nee Meacher): 9/10. Extremely capable and useful propaganda tool on behalf of the government of the Russian Federation, and well remunerated by them for her services. She is the brains of the operation - and thrice the traitor for that.

ergo proditor

Danger level (D O'Brien): not physically dangerous to adults; nevertheless potentially highly harmful due to unbounded capacities for persuasive deceit and 'working people' to reveal their confidences

Anticipated ultimate destination: St Petersburg, Russian Federation (mother)

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