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Ukraine: pricing structures for extraction services

2 April 2022. We are no longer offering routine extraction services, given that commercial departure from Ukraine has become so cheap and straightforward.

However in exceptional cases we will consider individual mandates.

Please email us at to pursue any such enquiry. To preserve security you should yourself write from a Protonmail account using a drifting VPN such as Tor Browser.




The Paladins are now in a position to reopen our offer of extraction services for individuals. In other words, we will come to a person, wherever you may be, and remove you from Ukraine for a neighbouring country on a personalised service basis. These services are reopening for individuals of any nationality, irrespective of their gender, age or anything else, throughout the country (including the Donbas and Luhansk People's Republics) but excepting Crimea, in respect of which we consider ourselves unable to form a risk assessment. These services are mostly intended for VIP's and/or persons who think they may be on the FSB's "kill list"; but in principle we will accept instructions from anyone who passes our due diligence tests. Please consider the following points:

  1. Fees are payable in full in advance either by bank transfer or another method to be agreed and must be received before we commence travel.

  2. Our webpage of 12 February 2022,, contains (at the bottom) the full procedure for applying for these services. Please follow that procedure with greatest care, to prevent delays or complications. Read everything we write about Ukraine on

  3. Because it will take us some time to get to you, it is best that you remain in as stable a residential environment as possible after having given us the instructions, and paid the money, and wait for us to come to remove you. If you are moving at the same time as we are, then we increase the complexity of the operation as we will have to be rerouting while on the road.

  4. Travel across the country from her western borders to her east can currently take a long as 72 hours to be executed in a tolerably safe way, so please be patient and stay indoors while you are waiting. Sometimes it may take between 24 and 48 hours from us arriving in a city to be able to meet you, depending upon the condition of the ground fighting. We prefer to arrive and depart like ghosts in the night.

  5. Extractions will as a rule be undertaken to Chisinau, from where you are free to move on at your leisure, either with or without our assistance (there is an extra fee where you want our assistance in that). Chisinau has a functional airport, and overland travel to Bucharest is also possible.

  6. Three nights' simple, anonymous accommodation in Chisinau will be included.

Our current fee structure in US Dollars, per person and with one piece of regular luggage and one hand bag, including meals and en route accommodation, is as follows. Our margins on this work are not expected to be at all high as overheads to ensure safe travel are enormous, so please do not write to us and try to bargain. These are the prices, calculated in each case not just on distance but danger of the journey

Dnipro 30,000

Donetsk 45,000

Kkarkiv 35,000

Kherson 45,000

Kyiv 25,000

Luhansk 45,000

L'viv 15,000

Mykolaiv 12,000

Odessa 8,000

These prices are subject to constant variation, both up and down, based upon our daily risk assessments. For example the current pricing for Kherson is so high because at the time of writing the city is in the midst of a blazing street battle for control of the government. Once the situation there stabilises the price can be expected to drop dramatically.

Please write to enquire about prices for other cities. We may be able to offer discounts for those in smaller towns or villages; please enquire as each case is different and the first task we undertake upon being instructed is cartography.


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