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Travel to Ukraine: call for volunteer

The Paladins are anticipating imminent return travel to Ukraine, to engage with domestic politicians and to start to trace the outlines of a peace agreement.

We are seeking a volunteer to travel in the capacity of paralegal and note taker.

The criteria are as follows.

  1. The mission will begin late in the evening of Sunday 24 April 2022 at an Eastern European airport, the identity of which will be revealed to the successful applicant.

  2. The costs of arriving at the designated airport at the relevant time, and leaving from another Eastern European airport approximately two weeks later, will be for the successful applicant to bear.

  3. All costs in the intervening period will be covered.

  4. The applicant should be able to enter all the following countries with the paperwork they have in their possession: Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova.

  5. The route is classified until the successful candidate is chosen.

  6. Two references will be needed and will be called.

  7. Fluent English is essential. Russian language skills are useful but not essential.

  8. Legal training is a prerequisite.

  9. The destinations to be visited will include dangerous locations. There is a risk of harm or death. Volenti non fit injuria. Several countries, probably including yours, advise against all travel to Ukraine, something you will have to disregard if you accept this mandate.

  10. The estimate of two weeks might be extended or truncated.

  11. Experience in theatre is useful but not a prerequisite. At the time of writing the Ukrainian theatre is not particularly intense; but that may change.

  12. Read all Paladins articles on Ukraine before applying.

  13. Living and travel conditions may be rough, unorthodox, uncomfortable and/or difficult. The precise circumstances cannot be predicted.

  14. You will be responsible for packing your own luggage. Bring at least two suits, as well as clothing items and sleeping bag suitable to hardship conditions. Further guidance will be provided upon successful application.

  15. Total confidentiality is expected.

  16. Interviews will be held as soon as possible after applications are received, by video call. The earlier you apply, the earlier you will be interviewed. Time is of the essence.

  17. Applications by one-page CV to

  18. A certificate of participation and written reference will be provided to the successful applicant upon completion of the mission.

  19. If you apply, you are brave.


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