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The Prime Minister of Finland

In recent days the Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin, has been accused of:

  1. being present dancing in a private room in a nightclub, where it was asserted that she was taking drugs (she volunteered for a drug test and it came out negative); and

  2. presiding over an event at her official residence at which women were baring their torsos.

This is atrocious, embarrassing, sexist rot.

Let us make some obvious points:

  1. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with either of the things the Prime Minister was accused of. This is particularly so given the extreme liberalism of Finnish society.

  2. These events are not given anything like the attention in Finnish media that they are in international media.

  3. That is because the column inches about these ludicrous subjects in the international media have been bought.

  4. The United States wants Europe to ban Russians from entrance to the Schengen Zone.

  5. This requires consensus by all the members of the Schengen Agreement.

  6. Finland is refusing. Having Russia as her neighbour, she has always had a delicate and generous programme for the grant of Finnish (i.e. Schengen-wide, under the terms of the Schengen Agreement) visas to Russian citizens from neighbouring Russian provinces adjacent to Finland.

  7. This is a policy of the Finnish Prime Minister and her party. Long live Finnish democracy.

  8. Hence US government interests are digging muck on the Finnish Prime Minister. The sort of muck they are digging might be fatal in conservative US society and politics. But the US authorities are so clumsy that they have not noticed that the felonies with which they are trying to hang the Finnish Prime Minister are not actually felonies at all in Finland nor indeed in the rest of Europe. Nobody cares.

We at The PALADINS think that the Americans ought not to use their dirty money to try to corrupt thriving European democracies who just happen to have a border with Russia.

This is a 36 year old lady of transparently moral decency. She does not deserve to have this paid-for politically pointed muck thrown at her by foreign sources. She should be allowed to complete her due democratic mandate without foreign interference with trivial domestic political issues. Let her be accountable to the people of Finland in accordance with that country's constitution. She, and the people of Finland, are entitled to nothing less.

The PALADINS. We are here to serve.


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