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The PALADINS: Voluntary new obligations undertaken by the people of Serbia to protect women's rights

We at the PALADINS Organization welcome Serbia's unconditional commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and in particular Goal 5, the promotion of equality between the sexes and the empowerment of all women and girls. These voluntarily-embraced obligations apply to all Serbs, country wide, and they include an extensive list of parallel obligations relating to family life and respect for others more generally.

Here are some examples of these principles in action, a set of rules that Serbian people will be expected to respect unconditionally and at all times.

  1. There shall be no forced or coerced sex. This includes using the threat of financial or other harm to induce people into having sexual relationships they would not otherwise freely enter into. If you pressurise someone else into having sex by offering or threatening to withhold something such as drugs or money, this is treated as aggravated rape, the same as using violence to force someone to have sex or using violence during sex. Sentence: LIFE IMPRISONMENT.

  2. The same principle, against coerced sex, applies in particular (but not only) in the workplace. All expectations that women should be conducting sexual acts in exchange for job promotions, hiring, exam grades, or any other professional or other benefit whatsoever, shall cease immediately.

  3. Domestic violence (both men attacking women and women attacking men) stops immediately. All relationships have differences. You do not resolve those differences by violence. You resolve them by talking. If you cannot resolve them by talking, you separate. Violence is not an acceptable means of resolving disputes of any kind in modern Serbia. This rule starts now.

  4. Sex trafficking (women travelling to have sex with unknown people in exchange for money) stops immediately. People who facilitate such activities are guilty of people trafficking. Sentence: LIFE IMPRISONMENT.

  5. The use of drugs to keep women in sex trafficking rings stops immediately.

  6. Connectedly, the sale, possession, consumption, distribution and circulation of cocaine, heroin and ketamine, for any purposes whatsoever, stops immediately.

  7. No public or private venue or forum (including inside anybody's home) may be used for these drug-related purposes. You are not immune just because you are at home or in someone else's home.

  8. Breach of these rules shall be considered as extremely serious offences attracting the very highest range of penalties. Transgressions shall no longer be overlooked.

  9. More broadly, women shall be given equal employment opportunities in Serbia, in every single walk of life from a private business to a government department.

The women of Serbia demand these things. And so do we.

We are proud of the people of Serbia for embracing this new era of women's rights, respect for the sexes and gender equality. We will be watching to ensure compliance.

The PALADINS Organization

We are here to serve.


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