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The Paladins: extraction services from or around Ukraine

We have decided to reopen our civilian extraction services from Ukraine. The reasons are:

  1. Civilian travel across the country is becoming ever more difficult.

  2. Locally organised refugee buses are becoming ever less reliable. Moreover they may hook their users into 'people trafficking' arrangements in which each additional movement beyond the first attracts an extortion fee.

  3. Checkpoints and arterial roads are opening and closing at random or in accordance with unadvertised military operations.

  4. The ring roads around certain major cities are becoming unpredictable. It is not known which side mans the checkpoints in some cases, notwithstanding the uniforms worn.

  5. The exit borders are almost all of them clogged with traffic with long tailbacks; and there can be delays of one day or more at those borders, inspecting documents, vehicles and luggage, and closing the borders for certain periods.

  6. Accommodation near some exit borders has become exorbitantly expensive as demand outstrips supply, in the form of refugees waiting to use the very slow borders.

  7. Travel at night has become dangerous. (Gangs of men with guns, posing as checkpoints or otherwise, may use violence to extract bribes, cash, belongings or sex.)

  8. It has become difficult to buy a functional vehicle with correct papers. (Generally now the only available vehicles for sale are what theatre experts call 'bangers', exhausted vehicles barely fit for purpose of intercity driving and with ownership documents in the names of unknown people / no valid insurance documents / no valid vehicle reliability testing documents.) Driving such vehicles around is unsafe because they may break down; and can elicit constant demands for bribes at checkpoints.

  9. The scope of civilian train services is unclear, constantly changing (as are the identities of the operators - what one day may be a Ukrainian Railways service may suddenly become a Russian Railways service), and cross-border train services have become unreliable, some of them literally incapable of boarding without some kind of VIP clearance (which is not straightforward to achieve).

  10. Other international extraction services have become exorbitantly expensive proportionate to the work involved.

In these circumstances, we see a renewed demand for our services. Please contact us for an all-in quotation (including staff and expenses).

The Russian government has instructed us that they do not want us to undertake extraction operations from the Donetsk or Luhansk People's Republics, and we must respect that or we risk being arrested for espionage. Also we cannot undertake extraction missions from Crimea. Hence if you are present in any of those territories and you wish to use our extraction services, then you must move to another place outside those territories (not necessarily far) and we will extract you from there. Contact us for advice on how to travel from a place from which we cannot extract you to a place from which we can extract you.

We can undertake extraction services from anywhere in Ukraine apart from those three territories.

Extraction from very dangerous places will attract a premium but we are prepared to attempt them.

Fees are payable 100 per cent in advance. After receipt of payment (which must be by bank transfer) it typically takes us 48 hours to mobilise (i.e. to begin travel from wherever we may be) and up to 96 hours to reach the remotest places, taking great care for our own personal safety as well as that of our clients and their families and friends as the case may be.

Persons to be extracted must be ready with all belongings packed and ready to depart immediately as soon as we arrive, if we judge that circumstances warrant it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We need full information about the age, health, physique and walking abilities of the persons to be extracted, together with their relationships one with the other and any psychological details that may be important. We also need to know which passports they hold, and we will need copies of the photo pages. We will explain how to send those documents securely.

We only extract westwards.

We have medical expertise and we carry full battlefield medications, so we can move sick persons.

Please contact us at with details of the people to be extracted, their location, and any other particular circumstances, and we will endeavour to respond within 24 hours. Alternatively you may use any of the contact methods listed at


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