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The Demise of the Dayton Protectorate

A well-known article written in 2007 described the collapse of a proconsular regime of international officials that had been running Bosnia and Herzegovina since the end of its cruel civil war in December 1995. That paper pointed out some stark truths about the legality and wisdom of the "Office of the High Representative" (OHR), an international organisation with executive powers to keep the peace. At the time of that article, nobody thought OHR would still be existence in 2021, some 25 years after the end of the war. But in fact it turns out still to exist. Is the analysis from 2007 still accurate 14 years later?

The image above is of Valentin Inzko, the seventh High Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina who has held office for some 12 years - far longer than any other High Representative - and has been reported in early 2021 as being due to step down shortly.

The article, "The Demise of the Dayton Protectorate", originally published in the Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding (2007) Special Edition 1: 11, can be downloaded here:

Demise Dayton
Download PDF • 123KB

The entire issue of the journal, including this article and a number of others, can be viewed here:

The individual article can also be viewed here:

The abstract and article can also be viewed on the Social Science Research Network, SSRN, here:


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