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The advantages and disadvantages of luxury yachts

As a well-known organisation of luxury yacht lovers and enthusiasts, we at The PALADINS Organization welcome clients with super-yachts and we always look forward to advising on financing cooperation agreements with associated yacht-like companies (i.e. floating; flexible movement) which will presumably include multiple journeys on yachts, something we always appreciate and enjoy, and it is why we ourselves own a corporate yacht called the HMS Pandora Signalisation.

We thought the reader might be interested in some of the advantages and disadvantages of owning a large yacht.

  1. You can fill it full of cocaine and prostitutes and moor it at spurious European ports with good weather, even in winter, that ignore international sanctions.

  2. Convenient banking will be on hand.

  3. If there is any trouble, it turns out that the yacht is actually moored on the High Seas due to the narrow cove of the bay, all for a better view of the mountainous backdrop.

  4. You can own more than one of them.

  5. You can retain western professional advisors (for healthy retainers, no doubt) through having a local counterparty in a dubious location offer you a consultancy services comtract to manage a USD300m+ investment that doesn't exist.

Now we thought we ought to list a series of disadvantages of owning a luxury yacht.

  1. International legal counsel won't come to visit YOU on that yacht.

  2. International legal counsel won't come to VISIT you on that yacht.

  3. International legal counsel won't come to visit you on that YACHT.

We hope these considerations are useful for those engaged in the yachting world. If anyone would like to rent the HMS Pandora Signalisation, please read our terms and conditions at

HMS Pandora Signalisation (file image)

The PALADINS. We are here to serve.


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