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Suing the Intelligence Services, Part #3; the Battle for the Kuwaiti Emiracy, Part #17

One of the many satellite pieces of litigation surrounding the Battle for the Kuwaiti Emiracy involves some horrendous allegations of sexual assault and sexually predatory behaviour, on the part of an alleged sex offender, in Dubai. Here we tell that story - allegations as they are - and we speculate why these accusations might have become interwoven with the Battle for the Kuwaiti Emiracy.

In the last month court documents filed with the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, a branch of the High Court in London, have disclosed allegations of gross wrongdoing in Dubai on the part of a half-English, half-Russian man who has had connections with global intelligence services. The nature of the alleged wrongdoing is by way of sexual exposure and acting in the nature of a sex offender. Given the allegations of sexual wrongdoing contained in the Geneva legal proceedings, made against an enemy of the west, it would seem particularly unfortunate that potentially even graver allegations are circulating in respect of agents or persons known to western intelligence services. In this case the connection appears to have been facilitated by a senior intelligence service officer identified in the court documents only as "X". But it is well-known who X actually is. What is going on here? Should senior agency officers such as X be cavorting with sexual predators or other persons inclined to commit criminal sexual disorders?

The court documentation in question is available here:

The reader must assess for himself the relative culpabilities of the name parties. One thing we can be certain of is that allegations of sex offending have been made, but not answered, in the context of a conservative Islamic country. Those allegations should be investigated, not only by the Investigatory Powers Tribunal in London but also by the Dubai Public Prosecutor's office. This is not just another intelligence-related political scandal, revolving around the identity of X (who is well-known). It is a question of the most basic standards of human decency, and in particular the question of how closely anybody should be professionally associated with a notorious sex offender. That applies whether the individual is in the West or in any other country whatsoever.


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