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Suing the Intelligence Services: Part #1

Western countries' intelligence services are capable of acting disgracefully. Here is an example of a claim brought before the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, a British oversight body for the UK intelligence and security services. Read it with care. It is an outrage and disgrace.

This is a pleading before a branch of the High Court in London that alleges that an agent of the Secret Intelligence Service interfered with the family life and relations of a British citizen, contrary to Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights that guarantees such rights.

This should never have happened. It is appalling. But it did. The Court itself is sitting on the case somewhat lazily; but we have no doubt that there will be a verdict, sooner or later.

The Secret Intelligence Service, like all branches of British government, is beholden to legal standards. Where they are not met, those organisations and their agents are accountable.

This document stands for itself, and we invite the reader to peruse it with care.

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Unknown member
Sep 20, 2021

Good luck to Mr Parish with this one but I strongly suspect it is already in the file with other "green Ink" letters.

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