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Scott Morrison, traitor to Australia and foreign agent

Scott Morrison was Prime Minister of Australia from 24 August 2018 to 30 May 2022. His political party does not matter - they are not responsible for his sins. What matters is that he is a traitor to his own country, a member of the Five-Eyes Alliance. That is why today, 30 November 2022, the President of Australia's lower Federal House of Representatives moved to censure Mr Morrison, aption that easily passed: unoredecented in the country"s history. The Liberals-Nationals Opposition coalition also staged a mass walk-out from that House: also unprecedented in the country's history. This action is of course pointless, because it ensures that the Morrison censure motion was passed by a near-unanimous majority.

Now let us get stuck into the details of what Mr Morrison has been doing during his disgraceful tenure as Prime Minister:

  1. Mr Morrison, while Prime Minister of Australia, was, according the newspapers, 'secretly' appointing himself as co-Minister, starting in 2019, apparently without the knowledge of the actual ministers in each case.

  2. The departments in respect of which he did this were Industry, Health, Financr,. Home Affairs, the Treasury, Energy and Public Service.

  3. It is rather unusual in a transparent liberal democracy such as Australia for the Prime Minister to appoint himelf secretly as a Minister in various departments - without anyone knowing, including any of the staff in the Ministry or in the Prrime Minister's office, also including amongst the people who didn't know the actual Minister with control over the department.

  4. Not even Stalin did this. However there is someone else in recent Russian history who has done this - Vladimir Putin. We shall return to him shortly.

  5. The only other government official who signed off on these secret appointments was the Governor General, a ceremonial role in which he signs all Ministerial appointments on behalf of His Majesty the King. It appears that the Governor General signed these secret appointments unwittingly, that is to say he failed to appreciate the significance of them. Hence he is not being attacked directly; nobody seems to think that the Governor General was wilfully culpable (although he may have been negligent).

  6. If Prime Minister Morrison was giving instructions to these departments, it must have been to co-conspirators - or he would have been found out earlier. And in this case, why appoint yourself at all? Just communicate your improper instructions secretly.

  7. If he was doing this for the purpose of legitimately obtaining secret. Information from these departments, then his legitimate civil servants would have blown the whistle on him or at least told him that this is totally. Illegal. If you have cause to dpu on your government ministries, the correct way of doing this is via the Australian security services.

  8. The only plausible inference left is that he was signing pieces of paper appointing himself as co-Minister of various departments for illicit purposes, such as getting copies of correspondence - and that this was somehow coordinated with either conspirators within the departments in question or with the assistance of ASIS (the. Australian Security and Intelligence Service), who were presumably onto him from an early stage (part of their job is to monitor senior politicians for unusual behaviour).

  9. The only reason he could have wanted these intelligence sources was to transmit them to a foreign government. He certainly wasn't reading all the Ministerial papers from deben

  10. Ergo proditor.

  11. It is our assessment that the most likely explanation of the mechanics of what he was doing is that he gave his electronic security details to a foreign government; and then by virtue of his 'secret appointments' he received - or imagined himself to be receiving - high-level departmental documents straight to his inbox or similar, whereupon they were automaticslly transferred to the foreign government - or so he imagined.

  12. Eventually everyone got sick of this and there was a General Election that he comprehensively lost.

  13. The principal outstanding question is, why did he do this? We think we can shed some light on this mystery. There is always a reason. Once you understand the reason, you know who the attacking foreign state was. In this case there are only two options - Russia and China. Or of course the two working together.

Here are Morrison's points of pressure:

  1. His association with Hillsong Church, an Australian Pentecostal church that is far too wealthy for its number of members.

  2. His inexplicable move from Director of Tourism Australia (an intermediate civil service position) to MP for Cook, NSW (New South Wales) one of the safest Liberal seats in the country, in 2007.

  3. After six years in the Backbenches political wilderness, his sudden meteoric elevation to Ministee for Immigration and Border Protection in 2013 (a role he would later again appoint himself to secretly as Prime Minister) under homosexual Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

  4. Abbott went to visit convicted paedophile and homosexual Catholic Priest George Pell in prison and lobbied Australia's Supreme Court to overturn his conviction - an extraordinary outcome from the highest appellate court in the country - on the bizarre basis that the jury had weighed the evidence of the principal witness wrongly: a witness that the Supreme Court never heard from. No retrial was ordered.

  5. Morrison was neither bright nor capable, nor did he have a valuable constituency for Abbott's Liberals (Cook is a safe Liberal seat) but Abbott appointed Morrison as Minister anyway. From this initial high post followed by other Ministerial positions (that he would later appoint himself to) leading to his becoming Prime Minister in 2018 and subsequently secretly re-appointing himself to all his prior Ministerial posts.

  6. The intervening Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, a capable and agreeable prime minister, did not last long as he was knifed by the Abbott-Morrison coalition in his own party.l to be replaced with the wholly unremarkable and incapable Scott Morrison.

  7. The wife, Jenny Morrison, mutton dressed as lamb, humble origins as a nurse but pretty in her youth, greedy and eager social climber, Lady Macbeth character constantly pushing her husband to earn more. The couple had trouble conceiving, we are told due to severe endometriosis, which is consistent with the woman having had a very active sex life with multiple sexual partners. Nevertheless they met through the Church in their teens and married at 21. In all likelihood this has been an extremely complex marriage. They purport to have had their first child together when Mrs Morrison was 39.

  8. Unusually for a right-wing religious prime minister with no party base really pressing him to do this; and a member of a church with an anti-gay narrative, Morrison spent his premiership advocating all sorts of different gay rights. Then, when he lost office and had to go back to earning money through public speaking, he started giving anti-gay sermons at Pentecostal / Evangelist churches against things such as gay marriage that in office he had advoxated. Consider the hypothesis that Morrison is a private homosexual with torn loyalties due to his religiosity, which might explain the unusual nature of his relationship with his wife.

  9. Both Morrison and Abbott lived in a secondary Prime Ministerial residence at Kirribilli, a wealthy suburb of Sydney with its own massive fwo-copter floating helipad, despite the job of Prime Minister being in Canberra, Australia's capital city, some four hours' drive away (or an hour by government helicopter); and notwithstanding local residents' strong objections to all the noise and nuisance associated with having a giant floating helipad arrangement on the harbour seemingly just for certain Prime Ministers to use. Neither Turnbull nor any Labour Prime Minister has lived there.

  10. One possible hypothesis is that Morrison's secret Ministries project was driven in part by the fact that he wasn't living in Canberra and therefore couldn't properly keep track of his Ministers - which is the principal responsibility of a sitting Prime Minister. However there is a simpler solution to this problem than secretly appointing yourself as seven Ministers all of whose jobs are in Canberra not Kirribilli: you just ask the civil servants to copy the departmental papers for you and send them to you. Hence it is not realistic to assert that his secret appointments of himself to seven Canberra Ministries four hours away was an action undertaken without treacherous intent. It is so ludicrous that only an IT surveillance theory is a plausible explanation and that implies treachery.

  11. Kirribilli is a wealthy Sydney suburb with a lot of homosexual residents and also some religious institutions, including a church-funded clinic that offers to provide you with therapy to treat your homosexuality.

  12. Once the Russians found out about his sexuality - it is very hard to keep your sex life hidden in the modern media age - and given Morrison's conflicting conservative religious affiliations, they just blackmailed him. Blackmailing people of influence over their homosexuality is absolutely standard Russian school.

  13. Jenny Morrison had always wanted to be a fashion designer but fate early in her career persuaded her that it was not to be which is why she went into nursing. In a 2019 interview with the Sydney Morning Herald she maintained her aspirations to be a fashion designer.

  14. One hypothesis is that Morrison's motives were principally financial, to keep his wife satisfied and loyal to him.

  15. Wealth accumulation desire would also be consistent with his aspirations to remain part of his Church, which is an extremely expensive one (in terms of donations required for continued de facto membership).

  16. Hence the Russians may have been paying him as well as blackmailing him, to keep him 'locked in' to the 'deal' (this is also standard Russian practice).

  17. One project we have not undertaken would be to look for his (and her) offshore accounts, to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Jenny Morrison


We believe this may have been an early example of a joint Chinese-Russian intelligence operation, with Russian human intelligence skills used to assist Chinese national interests. (Russia is not particularly geopolitically interested in Australia, but China is.) One possible inference from the foregoing, for which we have supporting but not corroborated information, is that Russia and China have established a secret intelligence sharing cooperation agreement, in the nature of ECHELON but with just two (or possibly more - North Korea? Iran?) members to it.

This would make sense in the Morrison case. What Morrison did was standard Russian playbook; but in China's interests. The Russians are much better at HUMINT (human intelligence) than the Chinese who are frankly wonky at it because their security and intelligence services are too conofrmist. Nevertheless China has massive computing capacity for Signals intelligence. What we may be looking at is cooperation between the two, to damage perceived common enemies (of which Australia is one).

We are limited in what more we can properly say about this while investigations are underway.



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