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Russia / Ukraine: the Paladins are leading experts

We at The PALADINS are some of the foremost leading experts on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with an unparalleled level of knowledge and intelligence about the hidden politics of the war, the motives and intentions of the individual actors, the military capabilities of each side and the cost of the war in human lives. We also offer unparalleled expertise and advice on the necessary measures to bring the war to a halt.

Our team:

  1. Worked for or with Ukrainian government officials and leading business persons for a period of over 10 years before the beginning of the 2022 war

  2. Have written or contributed to almost 200 articles or Op-Eds about Ukraine and her 2014 and 2022 conflicts with Russia

  3. Predicted the 2022 war in Ukraine well before it started, and provided detailed internal political information explaining why the war was inevitable

  4. Have travelled to Ukraine over 60 times and have lived for substantial periods in Russia

  5. Incorporates all of civilian, military and law enforcement experts, all of whom have experience of travel in conflict zones, helping to keep you, your loved ones or anyone else of value to you safe while they are in even the most dangerous parts of wartorn Ukraine

  6. Has access to a team of fluent native Russian and Ukrainian speakers

  7. Has unparalleled knowledge of Soviet Ukraine and her relations with Soviet Russia, and an understanding of how contradictions in that political era feed into the contemporary war in Ukraine

  8. Has written in detail about the sorts of peace plan that would be necessary to bring peace to the region, and has also written about why such a peace plan is so difficult to achieve

  9. Has undertaken multiple missions to the region in military theatre since the outbreak of war in February 2022, crossing both sides' military front lines without incident

  10. Has returned uninjured from all those missions, demonstrating our on-the-ground expertise

  11. Has experience of dealing with the domestic smuggling rings infecting Ukraine, and a knowledge of their structures, without facilitating any law-breaking by those smuggling rings

  12. Have full knowledge or all arms and military armour used by both sides in the conflict, enabling us to identify the source of any particular attack with relative ease

  13. Is experienced and hence calm in moments of peak crisis that arise in warzones

  14. Includes persons trained by government authorities in management of hostile environments in theatre, and include several qualified paramedics

  15. Have access to some of the very best physical and electronic maps of the region, essential for finding back roads by which to reduce the hazards of inter-city journeys

  16. Has undertaken liaison, personnel extraction and intelligence mandates in relation to Ukraine

  17. Maintains cordial relations with all parties throughout the conflict, by reason of our strict standards of rigid professional neutrality

  18. Has intimate familiarity with both Russian and Ukrainian legal, constitutional and political systems

  19. Has published a series of detailed practical travel guides for different parts of Ukraine, based upon first hand experience and testimony

  20. Maintains expertise in Ukrainian public transport and other options for those who wish to travel around Ukraine amidst the conflict, including having contacts at the highest levels in public transport systems

  21. Has assisted with the repatriation of funds in Ukraine to outside the country, always strictly in conformity with Ukrainian law

  22. Has prepared refugee evacuation plans for civilians in wartorn areas

  23. Is fully familiar with all informal roads / borders in and out of Ukraine, and can provide detailed advice on how to enter and exit military theatre in the shortest and easiest way possible

  24. Has extensive knowledge of Ukraine's border countries, including Moldova, Poland, Belarus, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Russia, and hence is able to advise on travel, political and military issues relating to those countries

  25. Has provided constant accurate updates to the impending nuclear catastrophe at Enerhodar, Ukraine, the site of Europe's biggest nuclear reactor complex, with a level of detail unparalleled by any contemporary media source

  26. Has made substantial contributions to refugee and displaced persons programmes in wartorn Ukraine

  27. Has never contributed money, personnel or other support to either military or paramilitary side in the conflict, pursuant to our policy of strict professional neutrality

  28. Has overwhelming sympathy for all the persons touched by this bloody, destructive and terrible conflict.

If you have a problem arising out of the Russia / Ukraine conflict, of any kind whatsoever, then do not hesitate to contact us and we will apply our finest minds and most intimate experience in trying to help you solve the problem you have.

You may contact us using the methods identified at

The PALADINS. We are here to serve.


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