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Request to Open Public Investigation No. 20/08/01-19/18/02(2023)(5E/RU/CN/PMSC)

Dear Sir!

I offer the Congratulations of the Investigative Committee of Russia on the New Year.

I am now writing to ask the Investigative Committee to open an investigation into Mr S+++++ E++++++ of A+++++++, together with his family.

Because Mr E+++++ and his family are found in the jurisdiction, no procedures shall apply except the Specific Procedure, because he and his family may be at risk.

Because the Appellant is shortly to be in the jurisdiction, there shall be the Specific Procedure relating to his welfare.

Because Mr Hamad Al-Haroun is pursuing specific procedures, he shall be subject to the General Procedure.

Ms M++++++++++, shortly to be in the jurisdiction, shall be subject to the General Procedure pursuant to Article 69 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, pursuant to the conditionality represented in her relations with Mr Pavle Zelic and Ms Irina Kandic, persons not in the jurisdiction. The aforementioned provisions of the General Procedure shall be applied in the Port City of Vladivostok.

The Appellant, having been subject within the Specific Jurisdiction to various measures concerned with the General Procedure, shall be afforded appropriate measures of protection pursuant to the Specific Procedure.

The Fourth Defendant shall be subject to the General Procedure.

The Second Defendant shall be subject to the Specific Procedure, as shall his Bulgarian attorney-at-law.

The Third Defendant shall be subject to the General Procedure.

Mr Pavle Zelic, in consequence of his engagements with the Department of Health of the Russian Federation, upon a repeat mandate basis, in consort with Ms Irina Kandic, a stupid and foolish person who must nevertheless pay the price for her errors; and her father Alexander Kandic, an altogether more reprehensible person whose intentional mistakes have ruined the life of his daughter, shall be subject to the General Procedure in accordance with the Law on Freedom of Information of the Russian Federation in the event that he takes interim or provisional measures to travel from the territory of the Russian Federation.

Mr O'Brien, the Defendant from the Western Isles of the European Union, shall presently be subject to the Specific Procedure, save in circumstances in which he is perceived as a flight risk pursuant to the measures of restraint under the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation, whereupon he will be subject to the General Procedure, in cooperation with the ecclesiastical authorities of the western sub-arctic region of Arkhangelsk and the authorities of the desert resort of Sochi managed by the construction authorities of the Russian Federation.

Yours faithfully!

General of Justice of the Russian Federation

Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin


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