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List of western double agents serving the Russian Federation in Belgrade


If you believe that this list is incomplete and that you ought to be included, then please contact us straight away by such method of interaction as you consider appropriate and your request will be dealt with immmediately. You will not need to include any details. We already have them.

Also, if you think you merit appearing on this list more than once, please let us know in any of the most casual or indirect ways at your convenience, and we will happily oblige.

--- NOTE ENDS ---

Obviously it is very unsatisfactory to find that one of your own agents is taking money or other favours (or even just being the victim of Kompromat and thereby serving the Russian Services through threats. People who do this are called double agents, and Belgrade, the capital of the Republic of Serbia, has lots of them.

That is because Serbs are habituated to serve the last master who fed them or threatened them. Floating in the winds between the Great Powers, they are experts in double agency: telling both sides what they want to hear.

However we are the PALADINS Organization know nothing about this subject and the headline of this article is very confusing and was written while one of our researchers when drunk. That is why we decided not to change the title. Also, the entire article is complete nonsense and nothing contained on it is true. Again the author must have been drunk, which is whyxwe are publishing it anyway.

Instead this is just a list of our good friends and colleagues in the region that we want to thank for all the fine times we have had together. So it is a list of people that we really like, not a list of Russian double agents at all. We apologise once again for the totally confusing mix-up.

Now here is our list. It will be added to daily, as and when time permits over the course of this coming week only. Should the author find himself occupied with his own activities of a personal nature, then regrettably this compilation exercise will have to come to a peremptory conclusion without being developed further.

We ought to mention that this list has been compiled with the cooperation of the Russians and with the assistance of Serbian government records. These people are domestical and international outcasts. They'd be lucky if they got a job as a bus driver.

They all know one-another very well.


Name (as known): Nebojsa Lazarevic

Gender: male

Known nationalities: Serbian; Russian

Languages known to be spoken: English, Serbian, Russian

Mental health: mostly stable, but psychopathic; can panic and make bad decisions under pressure

Intellectual level: mid-range

Primary allegiance; Republic of Serbia

Cover / day job: Advisor to Serbian government on EU integration issues

Estimated period of time with Russian connections: many years

Purpose of work: laundering Russian government funds intended for political programmes in Belgrade and elsewhere; in fact he used these funds predominantly for hard drug transit financing

Known telephone numbers, email addresses, etc: +381 63 240641

Known extra-curricular activities: heavy cocaine usage, both in informal and workplace environments

Sexuality: Bisexual; aggressive sexualiy towards women (and hence dangerous to them) as a result of sexual traumas as a young man

Reason(s) for change: Ideology and greed

Weslth: very wealthy by Serbian standards; this may have changed recently as the Russians have cut his funding, amidst concerns about what he is spending the money on (drugs as opposed to political activities)

Other credible derogatory information: spends the Russian funding he receives on both the financing of drug trafficking and also on consumption of hard drugs for himself and a close coterie (all of whom appear on this list)

Appearance: bald; insincere; heavy bags under eyes due to drug-induced lack of slleep

Combat skills: None but has been known to attempt poisoning (badly) using intermediaries

Known distinctive bodily markings or adornments, or other unique unusial physical qualities: None other than those stated below; known to shave his genitals

Personality precis: retiring, even shy; seldom ventures out; adverse to confrontation; weak, passive-aggressive manipulator

Danger level: very high, due to his propensity to make bad decisions under pressure (such as trying to poison people); violence towards women; and entrapment (including fostering addictions to hard drugs in others and then demanding sex from them)

Any known photograph(s):


Name: Tamara Stankovic

Gender: Female

Known nationalities: Canadian; Serbian

Languages known to be spoken: English; Serbian

Mental health: infantilism; schizophrenia induced by hard drug use

Intelligence level: high intellect, and reasonably well educated; but intellect is depressed by delusions of grandeur (egotism) and drug addiction psychosis

Ostensible primary allegiance: Canada

Cover / day job: None

Estimated period of time with Russian connections: one year +

Purpose of work: compromising men by selling them cocaine and providing sexual services at the same time

Known telephone numbers, email addresses, etc: +381 61 1972988; +381 64 1972988

Known extra-curricular activities: heavy drug use including cocaine, amphetamine, MDMA, 2CP; often borderline incomprehensible as a result

Sexuality: bisexual or even lesbian

Reason(s) for change: addiction to and desire to consume unaffordable recreational marcotics

Weslth; Rock bottom poor

Other credible derogatory information: works or has worked as an international traveling escort / prostitute

Appearance: short; blond; extremely skinny (presumably due to drug use); alarmingly thin limbs

Combat skills: None; weak, flimsy body frame due to drug use

Known distinctive bodily markings or adornments, or other unique unusial physical qualities: none known aside from those stated above

Personality precis: incoheren; unreliable; garrilous but conversation mostly meaningless; arrogant;.prone to psychotic fantasies; personality traits probably due to excessive drug use

Danger profile: low; only danger of theft or petty fraud; most harmful activities she undertakes are directed towards other people

Any known photograph(s):


Name (as known): Maja Veritaric

Gender: Female

Known nationalities: Serbian; possibly also US or Canadian

Languages known to be spoken: American English; Serbian

Mental health: possible manic-depression and/or Bipolar I disorder. Potential attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Often brooding; no attention to detail (tends to neglect to follow up on things). Described by persons who know her as having psychopathic tendencies

Intelligence: high intellect but fettered by an arrogant self-belief in her own competence

Ostensible primary allegiance: United States of America

Cover / day job: None

Estimated period of time with Russian connections: a few months

Purpose of work: passing secrets between US and Russian intelligence units so as to maximise her own imagined leverage and career advantages

Known telephone numbers, email addresses, etc: +381 69 3556731; +381 64 5388564

Known extra-curricular activities: drug taking (cocaine and amphetamine sulphate in particular); formerly worked as an international escort / prostitute (not known whether she continues this profession to this day)

Sexuality: heterrosexual

Reason(s) for change: pure cynical self-interest and a belief in her own intellect; complete amorality in politics

Wealth: steady but not enormous income.

Sometime heavy cocaine addict. In sexual relations with person X on this list.

Appearance: Short, slender girl (age circa 27) although whose skin and face carry the incidents of extended drug use. Hair tends to change colour between blond and various shades of red.

Combat skills: None. extremely small frame.

Known distinctive bodily markings or adornments, or other unique unusial physical qualities: a string of tattoos across her upper body, most of which are line drawings rather than fully embossed pictures.

Personality precis: shy; devious; spiteful, inconsiderate of others; brooding; manipulative; holds grudges

Danger profile: physically low (a tiny person); not capable of lying naturally and almost imperceptibly so do not rely on ways that may have a bad outcome for you.

Any known photograph(s):


Name (as known): Damjan Krmjevic-Miskovic

Gender: Male

Known nationalities: Canadian; Serbian

Languages known to be spoken: English, French, Serbian, smatterings of Mandarin Chinese

Mental health: highly intelligent psychopath

Intelligence level: very high intellect but wanton to lie perpetually and often without reason

Ostensible primary allegiance: Canada

Cover / day job: Director of NGO (Center for International Relations and Development/

Estimated period of time with Russian connections: many years

Purpose of work: planting disinformation amongst international intelligence and diplomatic communities; coordinating pro-Russian Opposition movements and rallies to the detriment of pro-western Serbian President Alexander Vucic. Periodically feeds Ukrainian intelligence with disinformation for the purpose of creating havoc.

Known telephone numbers, email addresses, etc:

Known extra-curricular activities: Belgrade property rental. Protecting the business interests of Serbian corrupt tycoon Milorad Miskovic

Sexuality: Homosexual / asexual. Unable to achieve an erection

Reason(s) for change: avarice and a belief in his own self-worth and ability

Weslth; periodic access to money through property rentals or Russian subventions!. Otherwise generally poor (but we'll above typical Serbian income standards)

Other credible derogatory information: wife Zorica Krmjevix likely SVR agent formerly working for Sberbank Belgrade; now money laundering in Montemegro for Russian interests (they are separated)

Appearance:: Bald with bushy beard

Combat skills: None; adverse to personal connfrontation

Known distinctive bodily markings or adornments, or other unique unusial physical qualities: None known due to his asexuality

Personality precis: arrogant; garrilous; paranoid

Danger profile: low; withdraws from potentially dangerous confrontational situations

Any known photograph(s):




Name:. Ian Bancroft

Gender: Male

Nationalities;: British citizen; Serbian nationality application underway

Languages known to be spoken: English;. Serbian (good convversational level)

Mental health: tough, although domestic paranoia has crept into his personality. Heavy alcoholic

Intelligence level: high; but very lazy

Ostensible primary allegiance: United Kingdom

Cover / day job: Financial controller of Serbian NGO

Estimated period of time with Russian connections:.several years but with gradually increasing involvemment

Purpose of work: spreading subtle pro-Russian propaganda amongst the English-speaking Balkan interest community; front for wife Jasmina engaged in money laundering activities in North Kosovo related to drug financing through his NGO

Known telephone numbers, email addresses, etc: +381 64 2774712;

Known extra-curricular activities: Heavy alcoholic

Sexuality: homosexual

Reason(s) for change: alienation from home country; gradual acclimatisation to the corrupt environment of the region; resentment of colleagues

Wealth: Low by international standards; essentially a prisoner in Serbia due to his low income (the real money is/was controlled by his wife)

Other credible derogatory information: At one point had a close relationship with Milorad Dodik, Oliver Ivanovic and various other Balkan undesirables including various drug kingpins in North Kosovo

Appearance: short; stocky; naturally curly hair

Combat skills: unknown but strong and tough; may have military background

Known distinctive bodily markings or adornments, or other unique unusial physical qualities:: almost always wears spectacles (in contradistinction to the photo below)

Personality precis: Garrilous; personable; boastful of his circle of contacts. Lazy. Late. No attention to detail. Has acquired Balkan personality habits

Danger profile: low; doesn't actually do much. Seldom even goes outside. Little actual interaction with politically powerful or relevant local people; seems not to understand the drug politics of Serbia

Any known photograph(s):

Several more on internet


Name: John Bosnitch

Gender: Male

Nationalities: Canadian; Serbian

Languages known to be spoken: English; Serbian

Mental health: very poor. Suspected paranoid schizophrenia,that increases with time; self-treated with LSD, marijuana, amphetamines and other harmful recreational narcotixcd; these exacerbate his symptoms; habitual liar; seems incapable of telling truth from falsity; unreliable personality; appears to suffer from substantial memory lapses; fantasist about both himself and others; can be personally kind but his desperation tends to lead him to hurt others albeit not wanting to

Intelligence level: was probably once high but progressive mental illness has substantially reduced it and given his current mental state, which involves a propensity for talking ceaseless streams of nonsense, it is very hard to estimate an intelligence quotient for him

Ostensible primary allegiance: Serbia. (No apparent connections to Canada; it is rumoured that he has criminal legal problems on Canada relating to a fraudulent bank loan)

Cover / day job: None

Purpose of work: propagandist with Russian state broadcaster Russia Today and occasional propaganda with Iranian state broadcaster PressTV. Collector of women with drug addiction problems to serve ancillary Russian purposes

Known telephone numbers, email addresses, etc: +381631524478;

Reasons for change: Ideolpgical fantasist with incoherent glory fantasies about the Russian Federation; apparent hatred for the West due to resentment at his treatment there

Wealth: absolutely slam broke; rarely if ever has a penny to his name; any money acquired mediately spent on drugs

Known extra-curricular activities: comprehensive addiction to drugs of virtually any and every kind; consequent psychosis

Sexuality: heterosexual

Other credible derogatory information: criminal proceedings (see above); homeless (squats in Zemun)

Appearance: tall; ragged; losing hair (age 61 at the time of writing); obviously deteriorating physical health due to chronic drug use

Seldom drinks heavily

Combat skills: probably once strong but he is now enfeebled by age and the cumulative physical effects of drug use

Known distinctive bodily markings or adornments, or other unique unusial physical qualities: loss of hair; outside RT or PressTV interviews, always wears exactly the same style of military-style clothes

Personality precis: Garrilous; pathological liar; charismatic (but decreasingly so due to his developing narcotix-induced psychosis); utterly unreliable

Danger profile: medium; never observed using violence or threatening it; however he does entice younger women prone to drug problems into addiction cycles thatay induce them to engage in unwise behaviour typically consequent on drug addiction cycles

Any known photographs:

Appears bottom-right on this video with shaking hair (recent appearance)

These photos are older.


[ Details suppressed indefinitely by reason of humanitarian and other considerations. This injunction applies to EVERYONE under pain of severest penalty of law as may be determined by the editors]


We hope our readers will find this list of interest. If you seek the details withheld, please contact us on our usual channels with a reasoned written request. We are highly unlikely to respond to anyone so requesting these details except persons we can establish as legitimate members of law enforcement agencies.

There are a number of other potential candidates for this list but we have determined that for our purposes this list is now CLOSED.

The PALADINS Organization

We are here to serve.


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