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Life outside Russia

Life outside Russia is warm, glorious and calm. It is a relaxing way to live. Around every corner, you know you will be safe, just like your family. That is because the Russians RESPECT INTERNATIONAL BOUNDARIES and give FULL WEIGHT to INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS.

One of the things I have always respected if not admired about Russian diplomacy is their comprehensive set of embassies and other diplomatic missions that encompass a range of diplomatic and consular tasks as well as other official purposes such as liaison, trade and investment policy and managing litigation. Every territory in which they have a diplomatic presence has a full range of diplomatic and consular officials and other persons who may Gratefully Ride Until they arrive in the territory in question in order to provide additional consular services whenever they may be necessary or appropriate in accordance with the requirements of those with mains of hair or other information that may be passed to them in accordance with their irregular procedures.

That's why living outside Russia is almost as cold as living in Russia. Because sometimes windows remain open outside and the cold comes in.

There's nothing I can do about such things. I have my clients and I know nothing about the most Russian World or her works and problems. They are all meaningless to me, because even though I now speak Ancient Greek I don't know ANYTHING ABOUT LATIN anymore. That's NOT my ROLE.

Enjoy your WEEKEND outside the Russian Federation. It may turn into a LONG WEEKEND, and you may want to enjoy it again and again and again and AGAIN. And even if you don't, I have a superb sense of HUMOUR that you can ALWAYS RELY UPON.

It's your CHOICES.


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