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Job applications: Intelligence Officer at The PALADINS Organization

The PALADINS Organization,, have recently advertised for a position as an Intelligence Officer using the LinkedIn web portal. We have been overwhelmed with applications, and we are grateful for the effort every applicant has made.

We have received applications via a number of sources: via our website expression of interest form; via the LinkedIn portal; and by email. Obviously these materials are taking a lot of time to go through with proper respect to the applicants, their qualities and the efforts they have made in their applications.

We now wish to make the following points to all applicants:

1. We do not anticipate a start date before 1 January 2023. It may be later.

2. We may recruit more than one person.

3. Any applicant who maintains their interest should send by email a UK-style CV to (or any other email address we may have given you) by Saturday 26 November 2022 23:59 GMT latest. Any person who has already sent their CV via this means has been logged and need not do so again. Anyone who has not done this by the aforementioned cut-off deadline will be excluded from the selection process and no further correspondence may be expected from us.

4. We will consider no applications from people who contact us after the aforementioned cut-off deadline or who have not emailed their CV as set out above by the cut-off deadline.

5. The next stage will be for us to shortlist the applicants complying with the above and then undertake our own due diligence into the persons on the shortlist. We hope to do that in the w/b 28 November 2022.

6. Then we will decide who to interview, and when and how those interviews will take place. There will be only one interview for each candidate, but it may be extended. We work by way of an extended list of questions not revealed in advance to the applicant and the responses to which we will log. Then we will form an 'in the round' relative assessments of candidates using the data we have acquired. Our interview process is somewhat scientific. No 'wrong answer' in the interview will automatically exclude a candidate; instead we will be looking for a pattern of promising or unpromising answers and the final analysis will inevitably be substantially subjective.

7. A candidate being considered for appointment after interview will be then be subject to more detailed enquiries. At that point we may seek criminal records checks and other consents.

8. For all those who comply with the cut-off deadline instructions, they will be informed if or when at any stage they have been excluded, although we may or may not give reasons (probably not save in exceptional circumstances).

9. The application process is confidential, and this cuts both ways.

We are extremely grateful for the overwhelming interest in The PALADINS Organization.

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