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How to contribute to the Paladins' emergency logistics campaign

The pages under reveal the emergency logistics campaign The Paladins are undertaking, initially to transport baby food and other essential supplies to Kharkiv where there is a critical shortage of food. However it is not the only place in Ukraine where people are at risk of starving to death. We urge all donations, large or small.

We want to thank everyone who has donated to this campaign so far. We are sincerely grateful. We are sure we will reach our target, and we hope to be able to go beyond it so that we can assist with other priorities.

We have been asked a number of questions about how to donate. We would like to re-emphasise the following points:

  1. Every donor will receive in due course a full accounting explaining how the money has been spent, if they want one.

  2. We will present a detailed report on our activities on The Paladins website.

  3. We will continue to focus on Kharkiv unless the situation changes dramatically on the ground there, in which case we have a handful of alternative priorities prepared and we may switch to one of those depending on the situation on the ground.

  4. We are focused upon delivering value for money: every penny of your donations will be spent on helping people. We intend to take zero percent by way of administrative charges.

The Paladins undertakes exclusively ethical mandates, and we are proud to commit ourselves to undertaking them according to the highest ethical standards. We would also like to re-emphasise, following queries we have received, that we can receive your contributions via a variety of methods. 1. UK or international wire transfer to a UK account. To receive the bank details for a segregated account into which moneys can be paid either within the UK or from abroad, please write an email to and you will be provided with the relevant wire details.

2. Fundly, the Crowdfunding website. They take a commission but it is tolerable and the site is easy to use. The link you should go to is However we understand that if you use crowdfunding websites, your donation may not be anonymous. The Paladins are committed to protecting the identities of donors, within the limits of the law, and we will not ourselves reveal our donors' identities without their permission or pursuant to the order of a court or other authority of competent jurisdiction. 3. You can send money personally via PayPal, and it will be transmitted to the segregated account. Please contact for the details of how to do this. 4. We strongly prefer not to accept cash. But if you have a very good reason why you can only pay in cash then please write to We will need to comply with the letter and spirit of the anti-money laundering regulations in the United Kingdom, and should you wish to proceed in this way we will need a copy of your identification documents and we will need to take a record of the reason why you are paying in cash and cannot reasonably do otherwise. The larger the amount you propose to donate in cash, the greater the scrutiny we will need to observe. We reserve the right to reject donations in cash if we cannot satisfy ourselves about these issues.

5. You can pay by way of a UK crossed cheque. To do this, it is important that you write to, explaining your intentions and follow the instructions you are given.

6. You cannot pay be cheque from an account outside the United Kingdom. The bureaucracy and administrative charges are prohibitve.

7. As an organisation The Paladins is professionally neutral in this conflict and takes no position on the rights and wrongs of the parties. Its goal is to prevent humanitarian suffering. However individual members of The Paladins may adopt their own free opinions, and that has happened.

8. No donor becomes a client of The Paladins organisation. We will not accept tied funding. We reserve exclusive discretion on how best to spend the money we receive.

9. If anyone wishes to make a tied payment to us, then please discuss it with us by writing to before making the payment.

Thank you once again for all the support we are receiving, both financial and moral. We see the spirit of human decency shining through in response to this campaign.


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