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Havana Syndrome

To recap, “Russian Television Syndrome” (also popularly known in the international media as “Havana Syndrome” is a misuse by Russian intelligence services with access to electricity / internet infrastructure in certain client countries with whom they have a close relationship with domestic intelligence services (Serbia is one example but Slovakia, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Cuba, the Seychelles and a number of other jurisdictions also seem to have been affected) in which software is illicitly installed upon a large electronic device such as a large modern flatscreen television in a hotel room that blasts out inaudible sound waves at night while a person sleeps, turning the electronic device on even though it appears to be turned off in order to achieve this. The sound waves contain subliminal messaging that the victim may recall brief when waking up. This technique also causes tinnitus, moderate to severe headaches, nausea and a number of other potentially medium to long-term psychiatric and/or physical injuries the full extent of which are unknown.

This author has been the victim of Russian Television Syndrome twice in hotels in Belgrade, capital of the Republic of Serbia: the first time for three nights and the second time, which appeared to be a much stronger blast of sound waves (the television was substantially bigger), for one night. The symptoms were consistent with one-another in each case. On both occasions the subliminal message being sent out was that the victim ought to leave his domestic partner in Serbia and travel abroad, leaving her and her family to the fate of domestic security forces who are/were threatening, extorting and intimidating her.

Through his multiple experiences of Russian Television Syndrome, this author has drawn a number of tentative conclusions about how it operates.

It seems to take something like 12 to 24 hours from the time that the relevant hostile intelligence services or security forces discover the hotel room in which the victim is staying to programme the television to broadcast “Russian Television”. This is done by sending certain sorts of signals up the electricity sockets. So the first thing one ought to do when staying in a hotel that has the potential to have a Russian Television is to unplug the television from the mains so that the software cannot be implanted onto the television.

Then, when one wants to use the television, replug the television into the mains and keep it plugged in only for as long as one wishes to use the television. Then unplug it again.

Once the software is installed, it seems to have little if any health effects upon the victim for at least the first three to four hours. Because people infrequently spend such periods of time in hotel rooms during the day, “Russian Television” is typically turned on at night once one is sleeping.

After about 5 to 6 hours of Russian Television, the victim is likely to wake up with tinnitus, a headache (how strong will depend upon how large the television or other electronic device is) and nausea, and may well remember the subliminal message. Have a piece of paper and a pen handy to write down the subliminal message in case you remember it, or a laptop or similar, to record the time and date and contents of the message, as it is likely to fade within about 10 minutes of waking up.

Most modern televisions do not have batteries. Therefore they cannot keep on blasting out “Russian Television” after you have unplugged the television from the wall. So if you do find yourself the victim of “Russian Television”, unplug the television and then go back to sleep and you should be fine if feeling a little drowsy the next day.

It is imperative not to leave “Russian Television” running after you realise that you are having symptoms, or those symptoms will become ever worse and could lead to psychosis or other very harmful psychiatric or physical problems.

It is confirmed that a solid object such as a door between the television or other large electronic sound emitting object and the sleeping person is an effective barrier to the effects and symptoms of Russian Television. So there is a case to be made for taking a hotel room suite in which the television is not in the same room as the bed; or if there are two televisions, one in the bedroom and one in the other part of the hotel suite, you unplug the television in the bedroom.

Because being a victim of Russian Television is extremely unpleasant and disorientating, this victim does not intend to experiment further with Russian Television experiences and will be undertaking the utmost caution to avoid being a victim again; but some sort of controlled experiments on suitable volunteers would surely be appropriate to learn more about this insidious and frankly extremely dangerous phenomenon.


Since my earlier notes on “Russian Television”, I have had three nights of sequential further experiences of “Russian Television” which staying in the Hilton Hotel in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, Room 533.

The latest episodes were different from the earlier ones, and this note attempts to summarise their differences. Firstly I had turned off my television in my room and unplugged it, and instead the subliminal messages sub-audio sound waves seem to have been transmitted from an adjacent room. So that is a technological advance for the Russians. Obviously sound waves (or whatever waves these are) are not completely blocked by walls are other hard objects. There may be ways of fashioning the device’s output such that it emits waves less likely to be blocked by any particular hard objects.

Secondly these subliminal messages seem to have lasted for a lot longer than the earlier ones, and they have contained political messaging about foreign governments’ views of me (obviously all negative because Russian government purposes are destructive of western foreign policy interests). They seem to have caused me to oversleep. I have not woken up with a headache but I have woken up with (milder) tinnitus and I have been extremely confused for about an hour or two after I woke up. As before, the period for which one can remember these messages in any detail is short: perhaps 10-20 minutes. Hence it is important to make some sort of record of them as soon as one wakes up.

This new insidious development must be closed down immediately. This is an international disgrace and it is particularly disgraceful that it is taking place in Serbia given that country’s partnership relationships in cooperation with the West in the fields of security intelligence.

Treatment. In this victim’s experience, the level and severity of symptoms is widely variable and unpredictable and may last from just a few hours to (in this victim’s experience) several days or (in the testimony of others) several weeks or months.

It seems to help to take a small dose of prescription anxiolytics rapidly upon onset, for example as soon as one wakes up and recalls the specific messages (and they may be complex and there may be many of them, so the first priority is to write them down as soon as you wake up because they will be forgotten within 10-20 minutes). For example 0.25mg alprazolam may be appropriate, taken initially and then taken another dosage of the same magnitude five to six hours later. At the same time, a fizzy soft drink may be useful; coca cola lite (or any other brand equivalent) seems to help for reasons this victim cannot speculate as to but this has worked more than once.


I woke up feeling depressed at about 8am with thoughts of my former law firm partner in Geneva, J. D., who I have not spoken, seen or had cause to think of for nine years, in some sorts of relations with Marta. The thoughts were too inchoate at the point of waking and I did not have a pen and paper or mobile telephone near to hand to write them down so this is a subsequent note hand-written at the time and place stated below and subsequently typed up.

It would be very unusual to have a dream about an elderly retired man I have not seen nor had cause to think about for nine years having sexual relations with my then domestic partner Marta. So I infer that this was another Russian Television incident, albeit a weaker one. I had unplugged the television in my own apartment so my best guess is that the malfeasor(s) had deployed "Russian Television" into the television of an adjacent apartment, possibly the one below which is usually empty (the owner lives in Italy), to try to give me a final blast of Russian Television before I departed Serbia.

I believe one of the malfeasors to be Hamad Al-Haroun, the supporter of international Islamist militant terrorism and insurgency groups, who did know of my prior relations with J. D. because I worked with Mr Al-Haroun at a time when I was working with J. D. Therefore it would appear that Mr Al-Haroun associated two totally unrelated people (I am quite sure J. D. has never heard of Marta and Marta has never heard of J. D.) as being involved in some sexual liaisons, purely for the purpose of disorientating me and causing me psychiatric injury and/or grievous bodily harm in the pursuance of some vendetta or some other motive I can scarcely imagine. To repeat, I know Mr Al-Haroun well and he is quite psychopathic. It is often impossible to understand what could possibly be motivating him in many of his actions, save the wanton harm of others. I have many examples of this that I could relay.

I am willing to prepare testimony to the effect of the contents of this email and all my prior emails and documentation about my experiences of Russian Television Syndrome / Havana Syndrome, if doing so would assist legitimate procedures of domestic or international law enforcement.


A simple guide to reverse plumbing by the BIA (the State Security and Information Agency of Serbia).

1. Acquire huge quantity of unlawful recreational narcotics and place in apartment of political victim.

2. Break into apartment of victim unlawfully and plant narcotics in prominent location.

3. Panicking that the Police might be about to get involved, encourage victim to flush narcotics down toilet using deception.

4. When you unlawfully check the sewage outlets from the apartment block, you realise that the illegal package has become stuck, potentially jeopardising you with the Police

5. Break into the victim's apartment unlawfully again, trying to dislodge with primitive toilet cleaning tools

6. When this doesn't work, apply bizarre old-fashioned security agency equipment to force a person's toilet to overflow in an adjacent apartment, also highly unlawful, to try to dislodge the blockage. This has the result that the victim's toilet becomes covered in faeces and effluent water and diseases start to fester

7. These activities are repeated an unknown number of times, but they actually make the problem worse, causing the package to be blocked in the sewer line.

8. This causes the toilet itself to overflow with dirty water and effluent and faeces

9. By intention or design, a tank of shigella-infected water builds up underneath the floorboards of the victim's apartment, causing an infestation of giant insects

10. Because the toilet is of a 1920's style (the style of the building), a plumber able to unblock the sewer line cannot be found and you ignore the victim's only lead as to an appropriate toilet plumbing specialist because it goes via a crooked and disloyal Department of Health employee and you do not want to approach him

11. Net result: months of faeces jamming up the toilet, dirty faecal liquid on the floor, a shigella tank, danger to life, uninhabitability of an apartment, defecating in a plastic bag and urinating in the bath. This situation will continue indefinitely until the victim and his domestic partner (shortly to become his wife) are able to calmly and clear-headedly sit down together to work out how to find that plumber and engage him to do the work in a security-conscious way.


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