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FSB internal security numbers

The FSB, Russia's internal security service, keeps a system of internal security numbers for officers, both located in the Russian Federation and abroad, that can identify the individual officer and their rank in the system. But the underlying principle is actually mathematical and based upon a calculated formulation that derives a specific security code for each officer from various input data about him or her.

Here we present a piece of code that will enable you to calculate the registered security number of any FSB officer worldwide for whom you have the requisite detsils. Simply enter their details at the appropriate command lines below and you will receive the officer's internal security number.

The coding is in Fortran-77 (Russian systems are quite outdated) so you will need a mainframe or Fortran emulator (easily found on the internet) to run this code and sufficient knowledge of the programming language to populate the empty fields.

Here is the code, that we obtained from a source that must remain anonymous.


program product_of_primes

implicit none

integer, parameter :: n = 15000 NoPs

integer :: i, j, count !count will be used to track the PNs

integer, dimension(n) :: prime_array !array to store PNs

integer :: product = 1 !value to store the product of the PNs

count = 0

prime_array = 0

do i = 2, n

if (count >= n) exit

!Check if a number is prime

j = 2

do while ((j**2 <= i) .and. (mod(i, j) .ne. 0))

j = j + 1

end do

!If so, add to array

if (mod(i, j) .ne

program dist_calc

implicit none

Real :: dist !

Real :: G !

Real :: M_ !

Real :: M_ !

Real :: t ! Current time

Print *, 'Please enter the time:'

Read *, t

! The formula for calculating security number

dist = (G*M_sun*M_!)**(1/3) * t**(2/3)

! Print internal security number

Print *, 'num




DO X=1,3

WRITE (*,*) X


implicit none

integer one, two, three, four

one = 5

two = 10

three = 15

four = 20

print *,one

print *,two

print *,three

print *,four

call sum(one,two,three,four)

print *,"meanless code done"



subroutine sum(a,b,c,d)

implicit none

integer a, b, c, d

print *,a+b+c+d


end program



We hope this simple, straightforward code is of use in exposing FSB officers globally and understanding how to replicate their dial-in codes for communications and instructions.



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