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Fragments from a War Diary, Part #264

I want to explain to you how I think we are going to pull US troops into the war in Ukraine, because that is what is necessary to stabilise the situation and to stop World War III from getting any worse. I want to emphasise that this will not be an escalation, in my opinion, but rather an affirmative act of deterrence, stopping the Russian aggression in its tracks, just as was establishing the DMZ (demilitarised zone) between the two Koreas in 1953. I am emphatic that NATO must enter Ukraine and I understand that the British military have made contingency plans to enter Ukraine; that appears to be an open secret. However the British Army cannot enter Ukraine on its own; against the Russian Armed Forces, who number over a million active service personnel, they would stand no chance. Hence all the NATO members must go in together (or at least a substantial proportion of them; Turkey, Slovakia and Hungary may each not be prepared to do so at least initially), and this requires the United States to say yes.

So how do we get there? At the current time the United Kingdom is the flag-bearer of NATO, deploying naval forces in the Red Sea to attack Houthi positions in Yemen which are using Iranian missiles to attack merchant shipping vessels passing through the Suez Canal. The British navy has begun by using air defence technology to strike down those missiles and is now proceeding to attack Houthi ground positions in Yemen from where the Iranian missiles are being fired. The relevance of Iran is that the Hamas attacks upon Israel from Gaza were funded and organised by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (the IRGC), a huge sort of paramilitary organisation that sits alongside or even above the regular army in Iran’s constitutional structure and makes its money out of various types of international money laundering, smuggling and other illicit activities and then spends those funds, fairly unbridled, around the Middle East fomenting and catalysing conflicts of different kinds, often associated with extremist forces and often associated with Russia. So the IRGC and Russia have close links, as was seen in the Syrian Civil War, and now this particularly insidious aspect of the Iranian government is back in an alliance with Russia.

It is the IRGC and its various sprawling emanations that are supplying Shaheed drones to Russia with which to terrorise Ukrainian civilian populations. It is the IRGC that supplied and organised Hamas to conduct an attack upon Israel involving the mass murder of civilians and the taking of hundreds of civilian hostages. And it is the IRGC that is supplying, funding and organising the Houthis in Yemen to fire upon merchant shipping vessels passing through the Suez Canal and the Red Sea.

So Britain is intervening in the affair of the Houthis to maintain merchant shipping lanes, knowing that she is stepping in on the side of the IRGC and therefore Russia. This is a shrewd move, because the United States is a steadfast supporter of Israel and her invasion of Gaza after the October 2023 attack upon Israel by Hamas under IRGC coordination, whereas the United Kingdom is more qualified or reserved in her support for Israel given the humanitarian consequences of Israel’s wholesale invasion which we all very much hope is almost over and Hamas (and ergo the IRGC) can be driven out of Gaza. This project has the tacit support of Russia by reason of her connections with the IRGC, so the United Kingdom acquires moral credence in Washington, DC in playing her part in maintaining a buffer against the Iranian threat in the Middle East without directly intervening in the reoccupation of Gaza as has the United States. Direct participation in the reoccupation of Gaza on the part of the United Kingdom would be deeply controversial in Britain where there is significant sympathy for the plight of Palestinian civilians in the context of Israeli military operations. So by acting in the Red Sea against the Houthis, the United Kingdom maintains the transatlantic alliance while staying away from the specific issue of the ethics or methods employed in the Israeli reoccupation of Gaza.

What the United Kingdom hopes to demonstrate to the United States in the course of the Middle Eastern conflict is that the IRGC and Russia are acting in concert to sew chaos wherever they can in the world and that includes all of Israel / Gaza; the Red Sea; and Ukraine. The IRGC is profiting from selling Shaheed drones and other Iranian military technology to Russia and these funds are then being deployed to facilitate conflicts in the Middle East. Moreover a substantial proportion of the IRGC’s enormous assets are not in liquid form; this terrorist para-state organisation has been undertaking international criminal activities since the Iranian Revolution in 1979 and has acquired massive assets but it has been frozen out of the western banking system. Now in its dealings with Russia it suddenly has access to liquid funds and this is what enables the IRGC to act in the Middle East in so destructive a capacity.

Therefore a US-led NATO occupation of Ukraine, which the Ukrainians would naturally relish and an invitation would be immediately forthcoming, becomes a necessary component of Middle Eastern peace. The United Kingdom and certain other European countries have been quietly making the necessary plans for NATO’s entry into Ukraine and now it only requires the political will in Washington, DC to execute these plans. The Middle East is a particularly acute and sensitive issue in an election year, because the United States is so strong a supporter of Israel; in that way support for Israel and for Ukraine are tied together as being single issues and the two competing political parties in the United States can battle it out to demonstrate which party and which President would support both these tied foreign policy issues to a greater extent. Once that dance has played out, the United States will in the mind of its colossal military-industrial bureaucracy collate both Ukraine and the Middle East as a single issue and then the United States will order her massive army to enter Ukraine with other NATO members. That is how we get NATO into Ukraine and how we bring the war in Ukraine to an end, because Russian soldiers will never dare fire a single bullet at American ones.


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