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Defamation claim: Matthew Parish v Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

For an extended period of time, there has been a grossly defamatory article about the Managing Partner of the Paladins Organisation, on Wikipedia. After extensive discussions with the legal department and senior editorial team at Wikipedia, the proprietors of Wikipedia, the Wikimedia Foundation Inc. in California, have refused to remove the defamatory article or amend it to remove the defamatory content, and therefore Dr Parish has sadly decided upon the necessity of initiating defamation proceedings against the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., hoping that this step will help Wikipedia see sense and reach an amicable resolution of the matter with Dr Parish.

A copy of the legal documents initiating the legal proceedings appear here:

Matthew Parish v Wikimedia Foundation Inc. Sealed Claim Form 29 January 2024
Download PDF • 863KB

Parish v Wikimedia Foundation Inc Particulars of Claim
Download PDF • 90KB

This step is taken with a heavy heart. We now very much hope that Wikipedia will see sense and delete the grossly defamatory material about Dr Parish.

The Paladins Organisation

4 March 2024


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