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Coronavirus cases: will we accept them?

We have decided to set out the principles governing whether we will accept mandates to litigate over the Coronavirus pandemic.

As a general rule, the Paladins do not accept mandates relating to medical negligence or straightforward employment relationships such as unfair dismissal.

However we have decided that we will consider accepting instructions against government, healthcare providers or (former) employers where it is alleged that unlawful actions have been taken by reason of the Coronavirus pandemic, and where:

(a) central government is accused of gross or intentional wrongdoing;

(b) local government is accused of the same thing and the practices are alleged to extend across government;

(c) an employer is accused of the same thing and the practiced are alleged to extend across employers;

(d) the defendant is an international organisation, such as the United Nations; or

(e) the case raises other issues of national or international public interest.

If you think your case may fit into any of those categories; and if you foresee a viable funding mechanism, then please feel free to contact us.


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