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Job Specification: Computer Programmer and "White Hat" Hacker, The Paladins

The Paladins are recruiting a computer programmer, one particularly skilled with the operation of software running on contemporary mobile telephones. If you think you might be interested, please see the job specification below.




This new law firm is to be established in England, in a town just outside London, and is to specialise in international law, litigation, disputes involving the security and intelligence services, and other highly sensitive disputes and legal problems across the world.

Both open source and local intelligence collection will be involved in this role. All work involved in this position to involve intrusiv

e investigation will be undertaken in accordance with the law: that is to say, the activity will be lawful; and/or appropriate judicial warrants or other administrative authorisations. Although The Paladins pursue bad people, we do so always consistently with the law and practice of the land.

We promise one of the most interesting and satisfying positions and types of work that any IT programming specialist could work with. The environment is exciting and thrilling.

Necessary qualities:

Impeccable professional and other English

University educated

Natural understanding of the structure of modern coding

Knowledge of Java, Python, C++

Skills in crisis situations

Honesty and integrity

Demonstrated work ethic

A junior candidate is sought, with a willingness to learn

If terms are agreed for full-term employment, then a willingness to move to England (a five-year work permit will be obtained for the successful candidate)

Desirable qualities:

Working with lawyers

Working with government authorities

Working with private investigators

Demonstrated affinity for Anglo-Saxon culture and/or political values including:

Freedom of speech

Rule of law

Transparent democratic process


Human decency towards the less well off


To be negotiated, based upon experience and abilities

Two alternative models: (1) contract-only work (daily rate to be negotiated) - this would not require moving to the United Kingdom; or

(2) annual salary (if working full-time - this requires moving to the United Kingdom)

Accommodation may be included (details to be supplied at interview) if working full-time

Start date: approximately 1 April 2022 but later start dates would be considered

Application process:

Send a maximum two-page English-style CV with photo and cover letter

Send by email to

There is no deadline for applications

The Paladins have a constant need for people with these skills

Interviews are possible in most European capital cities

Any provisionally successful candidate will be submitted to a vetting process

In this context references may be asked for

Substantial gambling or betting debts are exclusionary


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