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Belgrade without fear EXCEPT FOR PEOPLE ON LISTS

Today, the holy day, Sunday 19 February 2023, God blessed Belgrade. The Almighty God decreed that Belgrade shall henceforth be free from fear, terror, exploitation and criminal masterminds. And so it shall remain.

We at the PALADINS Organisation will be embracing God's word in all his future work to keep Belgrade as a city without fear, just as we always have been. We welcome the decision of all men of violence to put down their guns and knives and their other tools with which they sew evil, and we will be watching, as does the Almighty God, to ensure that these voluntary commitments are scrupulously observed. God can bless Belgrade whenever he, in his almighty wisdom, so feels it in the divine interest and the greater good.

God's church is open to people of all faiths and none, no matter what past lives they might have led, and we at The PALADINS Organisation are always welcome to listen to and engage with anyone with the above values in mind. They are also welcome to enquire of us of our opinions, without fear of reprisal or attack.

Our goal is to build a better, more peaceful, more prosperous Serbia, not just for this generation but for all those generations to come, a country with the highest rightful pride in its people, its culture and its traditions, a society in which people are free to enjoy life with friends and family alike, and free to work, and to build their stable families and all those other fine values with which the Serbian people are imbued.

With that goal in mind we welcome all dialogues, formal or informal, big or small, with anybody wishing to engage with us.

The PALADINS Organization

We are here to serve.


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