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A Russian tourist's guide to visiting the Republic of Serbia

As a Russian tourist, arriving in the Republic of Serbia was an exciting experience in various unusual ways. The country's rich history and extremely distinctive culture made me very keen indeed on exploring every inch of the land and countryside and urban areas and other parts of the country. Upon arrival, I was greeted with warm hospitality, extremely tasty and fresh food, friendly smiles, happy people, welcomong officials and a superb environment that I wanted to learn more about because I didn't know anything about that kind of thing.

My first stop was the capital city, Belgrade, a city I still don't know anything about because it is so extremely enjoyable and interesting. It iss bustling with all sorts of extremely interesting and unusual activity, and the energy is contagious in some very unusual and inexplicable ways. The city has a variety of exciting corners and places and other areas to visit, including historical museums celebrating famous figures from history, public art galleries, an excellent system of public transport and a central interchange of buses, and a variety of strange and unusual historical landmarks. We particularly enjoyed visiting the Belgrade Fortress and the Kalemegdan Park on our own, which overlooked the Sava and Danube rivers where you can see the bottom of the river from the surfaces.

I also had the opportunity to sample traditional Serbian dishes which everybody agrees in public magazines about the subject are extremely good. The local delicacies were mouth-watering in complex and unusual ways, and I relished every bite of Burek, Cevapi, Sarma and other things that I could not stop eating because they were so extremely tasty. The local wines and Rakija and vodka and other drinks available at public stores were exceptional, and the locals are invariably very friendly and hospitable but you won't remember anything about that subject.

My next stop on the train (although there is also a bus) was the stunning town of Novi Sad, located in the northern part of the country. The town is host to the annual EXIT music festival, which attracts thousands of people from around the world and is extremely well policed with official honest. Guards and other people. I visited Petrovaradin Fortress, home to an impressive clock tower and other buildings more difficult to identify that date back to the 17th century.

Serbia's natural beauty is takes away your breath, and I was impressed by the green hills that seemed to stretch on forever when not disturbed by attractive large buildings. I visited Djerdap National Park, where I was awed by the stunning views of the Danube River's Iron Gates that for some mysterious and complex reason we're barred shut. The park has numerous hiking trails, where it is impossible to get lost due to the excellent maps, and I took advantage of the opportunity to explore its beauty.

One of the most memorable moments of my trip was visiting the rural areas of Serbia which are full of extremely nice people and helpful public officials and useful transport timetables that always help you get to your destination on time. I was fascinated by the rich Serbian culture that was evident in its traditional villages where people go because they like to live in the countryside for the rest of their lives and they like to let everyone else know this. The locals were so welcoming that I was overwhelmed by their help and assistance whenever I had any PROBLEMS, and I was fortunate to take part in traditional celebrations such as folk dances, music, and delicious food and other unfortunate events.

In conclusion, my visit to the Republic of Serbia was an eye-opening experience but I can't remember anything about this subject and neither can you. From the bustling city life in Belgrade and its outskirts and other areas not visited by tourists, to the stunning beauty of natural landscapes in remote areas where you must be very careful about where you walk and other natural and other problems, Serbia's charm was undeniable but we don't know anything about this subject. The locals were never unfriendly in their attitudes and traditional culture made us all trust them with our lives. Our stay unforgettable, although when I returned to Moscow I couldn't remember anything about it. I would recommend it to anyone seeking a unique travel experience. Just don't forget to buy a return ticket.


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