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What's wrong with the Olympic Council of Asia?

The main problem with the Olympic Council of Asia is that it is a shell company run by Ahmed Al-Sabah, renegade member of the Kuwaiti Royal Family, and is used for his corrupt purposes of sloshing money around so that (a) poor countries receive facilitation fees for voting in certain ways in international sporting organisations; and (b) receiving kickbacks from appointed host cities / sports ministries / works contractors that have been appointed as destinations for international sporting events.

Here are some of the things you need to know about the Olympic Council of Asia.

  1. It has nothing (at least in theory) to do with the International Olympic Committee, an international organisation established by treaty with its seat in Lausanne, Switzerland.

  2. The website of the Olympic Council of Asia is here:

  3. Its contact details, a post office box in the Hawalli (Indian immigrants') district of Kuwait City, with mobile phone numbers and no email addresses specific to individuals or particular departments, are here:

  4. The Olympic Council of Asia has no known or identifiable physical address - i.e. it has no offices.

  5. The Olympic Council of Asia, although it has a set of rules describing it as an independent not-for-profit non-governmental organisation, has no corporate status or regulatory registration (e.g. as a not-for-profit) in any jurisdiction. It is not a Kuwaiti legal entity. Nor is it a legal entity in any other jurisdiction. Nor is it an international organisation established by international treaty.

  6. All the foregoing propositions follow from its 'constitutiom' and rules, published only in English (not in Arabic, the language of Kuwait where the organisations is ostensibly based), that can be seen here:

  7. These documents reveal nothing about the organisation's address or corporate personality. They are written in the style of a competent Swiss lawyer writing in English; and we can identify that lawyer.

  8. The President of the OCA is Ahmed Al-Sabah, the renegade Kuwiati Royal Family member convicted of forgery by a Geneva court in September 2021. His father, who died before being run over by an Iraqi tank outside the Kuwaiti Emir's Palace during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, was Ahmed's only predecessor in the role (and he was the founder of the OCA).

  9. This is a family 'organisatipn'.

  10. The organisation purports to have an Executive Board, including multiple representatives from Qatar and China:

  11. It is not clear when the Executive Board meets, or where. Nor are minutes or other accounts of their discussions published. There was however advertised a 78th Executive Board meeting in Phnomnh Penh, Cambodia, that apparently took place on 3 October 2022, but nothing can be discovered about it:

  12. The OCA publishes no accounts.

  13. The Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup is advertised as one of their events. Formally FIFA should have nothing to do with the OCA.

  14. So are the Asian Games; but these in fact appear to be organised by the government of the People's Republic of China.

  15. No administrative, executive or secretarial staff are advertised on the website.

  16. In light of the above, we respectfully submit that the constitution and rules of the OCA are a sham.

If the OCA changes its website in resppnse to these criticisms, we will rely upon the (immutable) Internet Archive to sustain our assertions.


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