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The fight for the Kuwaiti Emiracy, Chapter 20

The fight for the Kuwaiti Emiracy, known within the intelligence community as 'the Kuwaiti Sheikhs' videos affair', has taken a dramatic new turn with the intervention of a new actor. Here we explain what has been going on.

The best way of explaining the background is to publish the following letter, intended for the Court file in Geneva and prepared in conjunction with legal counsel.

Letter to Appeal Court
Download PDF • 150KB

Here is the letter in French, likewise prepared in conjunction with legal counsel.

Letter to Appeal Court FR FINAL
Download PDF • 151KB

Here are the witness statements referred to in the above-captioned letter (already published elsewhere):

Kuwaiti Sheikhs Parish WS ENG
Download PDF • 201KB

Kuwaiti Sheikhs WS FR
Download PDF • 299KB

Supplementary Witness Statement in the Geneva Proceedings
Download PDF • 53KB

Supplementary Witness Statement in the Geneva Proceedindgs FR
Download PDF • 60KB

Given the assertions contained in this letter and the associated witness statements, we would like to make the following observations:

  1. The behaviour of the Geneva legal system has fallen far below international standards, persecuting people for the antiquated offence of criminal defamation and forcing them to confess using illegitimate methods of duress.

  2. The Geneva legal system has ruined the lives of several innocent people.

  3. The proceedings initiated in Geneva were the result, so it was reported in Swiss public (i.e. government run) media, of a facilitation payment (i.e. a bribe) from the Kuwaiti Royal Family.

  4. The Kuwaiti Royal Family's internal struggles have improperly been played out in the Geneva courts, damaging people - but the only people who have been damaged are non-Swiss people. The Swiss have protected their own, and thrown foreigners under the bus.

  5. The Geneva legal system has ignored parallel English proceedings about the same subject, disregarding the international legal principle of res judicata (binding force of a prior decision in other legal proceedings about the same subject).

  6. The Geneva legal system has seen fit to convict people of crimes with which they were not indicted and in respect of which no evidence was presented.

  7. The Geneva legal system has convicted people of an

  8. One or more Geneva lawyers have acted in totally unethical ways, advising their client to give false testimony as a precondition of release from prison, for the purposes of covering up the embarrassing and corrupt lapses into which the Geneva legal system has fallen.

  9. A senior Geneva prosecutor has lost his job in which he was prosecuting a case that the Swiss media report was the subject of a facilitation payment; the Prosecutor's Office in which he was number two has been placed under a corruption investigation.

  10. The Swiss system has taken a helpless Ukrainian refugee as hostage in imagined leverage over the situation; but this has achieved nothing except to reveal the contempt and cynical disregard for which the Swiss system holds foreigners, particularly those from Eastern Europe and those seeking refuge from warzones.

  11. The Kuwait Royal Family has acted disgustingly, failing to compensate people for the horrendous losses they have suffered or to support those who had been working for them.

  12. The Geneva legal system and the Kuwaiti Royal Family have acted in concert, presumably because so much Kuwaiti money is invested in Geneva banks, conducting themselves in a callous way to destroy several people's lives.

  13. The Geneva legal system has acted to protect Russian criminals accused of serious crimes against international security and order, incarcerating a person who made allegations which now, in light of the February 2022 Russian invasion of UKraine, are obvious and uncontested.

  14. One of the Kuwaiti Sheikhs involved in this affair - Nasser, who is reported as having made the facilitation payment to the Geneva legal system to enable an apparently corrupt prosecution to proceed - was Kuwaiti Ambassador to Tehran in the 198i0's, and is therefore close with both the Iranian regime and assumed therefore aligned with the Russian government with whom the regime in Tehran maintains such cordial relations including selling Moscow kamikaze drones. His hands are therefore dripping in mud.

  15. The Kuwaiti Royal Family ought to be held to account for their atrocious behaviour, and required to compensate those to whom they have unjustly caused such grievous losses.

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