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Russian Chess

In the Russian Federation, people play Chess just like everywhere else. Here are the rules.

  1. Nobody knows what the rules are.

  2. Everybody knows there are no consequences for breaking the rules.

  3. If you are learning the rules, and you break them for some confusing or complex or other mysterious reason, then we won't know anything about that but you have many clear opportunities to learn the rules after the first time. Chess masters are very generous people.

  4. If you have learned the rules, and then you break the rules, then we won't know anything about that either.

  5. Don't play Chess while driving fast and agile cars down strange and unusual roads behind complex and mysterious places. The pieces might spill all over the board.

  6. See rule 1.

Thank you for your understanding, but really you are the expert in Chess because we don't know anything about this subject and we certainly don't know anything about the league of Grandmasters. This is something very peculiar and unusual that you, we are quite certain, don't know anything about.

We like playing Chess. How about you?


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