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Job advertisement: administrative assistant and social media promoter

The PALADINS Organization is shortly to establish a Serbian domestic non-governmental organisation that focuses upon the promotion of women's rights across Serbia and drug policy and rehabilitation.

The NGO will be registered under Serbian law and, we anticipate, will be predominantly funded by international philanthropic donations. The seat of the NGO will be Belgrade, in the Republic of Serbia. It's purposes will be defined by statute in accordance with the usual procedures under Serbian law and the NGO will comply with all Serbian accounting formalities and other Serbian legal procedures in promoting its lawful goals.

We anticipate the name of the NGO to be 'The PALADINS Organization'.

Job description

We are now looking for an administrative assistant and social media promoter, on a full-time basis, to undertake the following tasks:

  1. Establish the NGO under Serbian law using all necessary legal procedures.

  2. Acquire appropriate accommodation for office space in central Belgrade to accommodate initially four but potentially up to ten staff members with appropriate authorisations and employment contracts, all to be valid under Serbian law. The office accommodation should be flexible, depending upon appropriate growth rate of the office which cannot yet be predicted.

  3. Publish and promote articles about gender equality in Serbia and drug policy across Serbia on behalf of the NGO, and to disseminate positive messages about the Republic of Serbia.

  4. Make necessary arrangements for the transmission of the NGO's work and messages across Serbia, interact with international political and diplomatic organisations, liaise with appropriate diplomatic officials, and engage in other similar kinds of issues arising in the context of international relations, international law and international relations.

  5. Work with a team of highly motivated international relations experts to achieve the policy goals of the NGO.

  6. The employee will be expected to undertake the procedural formalities for the NGO's establishment during an initial four to six week period working on their own initiative and they must have exceptional self-discipline during this period although assistance and supervision from a distance will be available.

Job criteria / conditions

  1. All applicants should be Serbian nationals.

  2. Professional fluency in Serbian and both written and spoken English are essential. Fluency in other useful regional or diplomatic languages would be an asset.

  3. The applicant must have completed higher education and graduated with strong grades. Proven academic ability is an asset.

  4. The applicant should have familiarity with the details of establishing and operating an appropriate form of Serbian corporation and should be able to undertake these tasks without substantial supervision.

  5. The applicant should have strong skills in the use of and propagation of civil society messages in more than one language across multiple social media platforms.

  6. A period of experience working as an administrative assistant would be an asset.

  7. Enthusiasm for working in international environments and hard work are essential qualities. The applicant must be prepared for hybrid working, including from home, within the office and international travel, as may be appropriate.

  8. The applicant must be able to research, write and disseminate fluent and lucid articles and other information about the subjects within the competencies of the NGO, in both the Serbian and English languages.

  9. Any international philanthropist will be seeking value for money, and the strictest standards of financial propriety must be upheld.

  10. Experience of Serbian tax law and regulations would be an asset.

  11. The NGO is expected at all times to comply with the spirit and letter of the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other equivalent international legislation and successful applicants will be held to those standards. Corruption will not be tolerated and any employee found to be engaging in corrupt practices will be summarily dismissed and the matter reported to the domestic and/or international law enforcement authorities as may be appropriate. This is not a negotiable feature of the NGO's operations.

  12. The NGO will at all times comply with applicable Serbian laws and any successful applicant will be expected to display the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

  13. The initial salary will be 1,700 EUR per month net of taxes. Other benefits will not exceed those required by Serbian law. The applicant may need access to their own car for the initial work although an allowance for gasoline will be provided during this period. It is subsequently anticipated that the NGO may engage a car and driver (after the end of the initial four-to-six week period herein described).

  14. The PALADINS Organization (to be created) is strictly an equal opportunities employer. Applications will be considered irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religious identification, sexual orientation, age, or any other irrelevant factor.

The application process

  1. Please apply by email to with a UK style curriculum vitae or US style resume in either case in English.

  2. It would also be very useful if applicants can include a writing sample in English about any policy, political, international affairs or social subject. Such a writing sample need not exceed one page. The applicant need not be concerned so much about the opinions expressed (if any) but the quality of the writing.

  3. Please include full contact details for rapid interview. Interviews will be held in person in Belgrade.

  4. Interviews will be in English and applicants should come to the interview prepared to discuss their ideas for developing the policy goals of the NGO as well as being prepared to discuss the initial procedural steps to get the NGO up and running.

  5. Please either accompany your application or follow up as soon as possible with two references (also sent by email), that may be from referees and in any language.

  6. Although no second nationality is a bar, please disclose any and all nationalities apart from Serbian in your application papers. Please include copies of your Serbian ID card and your ID or passport copy(ies) from any other country of which you are a national.

  7. There is no closing date for applications and because we seek to fill the position as soon as possible we invite applicants to write to us promptly. We in turn will review applications promptly and revert as soon as possible.

The PALADINS Organization

We are here to serve.


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