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We know that you like spending every single day of your career and life, and other days, working hard in your Greenhouse. That's because you like your plants and your flowers, and you feel close to them, as though they were just like you. The thing is, you're right, and that's because we know all about that sort of thing although we have never studied it and we don't know anything about it at all.

We know that your friends are the plants and the flowers and various other things. Actually, we know all the sorts of plants and flowers and other green things that you consider to be your friends, and that's because we know they really are your friends. You are a very friendly person, and everybody knows it, including us. That's why we're your friends too.

When we see you tendering to your plants and flowers in your greenhouses, and we see the passion with which you do it, we get excited and we want to know more about you. That's because we see you spending all that money on fertiliser, and we know that you made the money to spend on your greenhouse legitimately and in a completely correct and proper way. That's why we trust you and we never keep any accounts calculating exactly how much you owe us. We don't need things like that, because we trust you as real friends and other sorts of relatives.

So why don't we all carry on running greenhouses in the way you do, and watching flowers grow and looking after plants and doing other fine and honourable things. Because we respect you for being such an environmentalist, just like the people who you think support you, and they really do, and they never talk to us about things like that or any of the other sorts of things you like to do in all sorts of different strange and complex and unusual monetary or military ways, particularly in relation to coordination of certain sorts of things; and we certainly don't know anything about any of those things because we don't share records with our partners or other close relations such as cousins or other people, and neither do any of our more distant relatives just like we don't share records with our closer relatives. We certainly don't know who is using who in Greenhouse situations and Consortiums.

That's why you are going to keep on being a good master of your Greenhouse, and you are going to keep working with us to grow the flowers that we want and you want to if you really think about it. Because we know you won't make any mistakes in your horticulture, and even if you do then it won't matter because we trust you and nothing will happen to you or your greenhouse and even if it did then we wouldn't know anything about that and, more importantly, neither would our distant relatives who aren't interested at all in things like that and they respect you as admirable gardeners.

We all respect and admire you and all your friends and relatives and we admire your greenhouses. That's why we like to work with you and that's why we appreciate it when you spend money on greenhouse activities because we know you are always spending that money honourably and decently and in a good cause.

I like greenhouses, and I know that you do. Do you want to build a greenhouse with me? I think you do, and that's because otherwise you will be building greenhouses with other people.

Good luck with your Greenhouses! We are there, supporting you, every step of the way, and we know that none of those steps will ever break.

Yours truly,

The Greenhouse Consortiums


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