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Damjan Krnjevic-Miskovic, Russian agent

Он не может устроиться водителем автобуса


Life is like a supermarket. You take whatever you want, but you have to pay when you get to the checkout.


(Igor Kolomoisky)

Here are some biographical details, or speculations, or rumours. Who is to say.

  1. Relative of Miroslav Miskovic, the notorious criminal financier of the Boris Tadic Presidency years in Serbia when corruption and violent crime related to politics were rife.

  2. Miskovic has since been the subject of endless corruption investigations and procedures.

  3. The Miskovic family are relatives / descendants of Milorad Miskovic, the famous Yugoslavian ballet dancer.

  4. DKM's wife, Zorica, is a sometime employee of Sberbank Belgrade (the Russian state owned bank sanctioned by the West over the Russian invasion of Ukraine inter alia) and she is believed to be a member of the SVR, Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service.

  5. DKM is a homosexual. Not that there is anything wrong with that; the Prime Minister of Serbia is a homosexual and we commend her for her openness in this regard. However we condemn DKM not for his sexual orientation, but for his political hypocrisy over the issue: see below.

  6. DKM has custody over an apartment of some luxury at ulica Kneginje Zorke 9B, 11000 Belgrade, which his father bought for him as an income source through AirBnB and similar internet portals. Although this address includes DKM's extensive book collection of theology and historical political philosophy, it does not appear that he lives there. (We understand that the property has been monitored to establish this, but not by us.)

  7. DKM was for about two years 'Professor of Practice' at an Azeri state university; but it appears that he did not last there. See here:

  8. DKM, like his father, is associated with funding Serbian opposition political movements. At various times he has taken money from the Russians and the Chinese for this purpose. He has done this through his position as Executive Director of a so-called foundation or not-for-profit organisation, based in Belgrade, called the Center for International Relations and Sustainable Development (CIRSD).

  9. What this is in reality is a front organisation for foreign subsidies of Serbian opposition political organisations, which are becoming increasingly far-right.

  10. Here is an investigative journalism article describing a person with a name extremely similar to DKM (just a few letters changed) as travelling to Moscow to promote relations with PMC Wagner, a notorious branch of the Russian Armed Forces, apparently for the purposes of recruiting Serbian mercenaries to work for the Russian military: something which is unequivocally a crime in Serbian law.

  11. Here is an article that DKM co-authored, together with a Russian academic, for an extreme right-wing American magazine, about the growth of populism in western liberal democracies. We respectfully suggest that the article is highly supportive of Russian interests.

  12. This is all particularly disappointing because DKM is a Canadian citizen as well as a Serbian one, who purports to maintain cordial relations with the Five-Eyes intelligence agencies (although whether he does, or at least whether they are as cordial as he might imagine, is less clear). What is known is that he works on intelligence matters adverse to the interests of Western countries, with another Canadian-Serb citizen of Russophile sympathies who is also believed to be a sometime agent (possibly now lapsed) of the SVR (Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service). The irony of this is that this person with whom DKM works is deeply homophobic: so much so as to be one of the most objectionable figures on the Serbian political scene.

  13. We mean no insult to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) in what we write here; we merely politely suggest to them that they may have rounded up a bunch of corrupt useless lazy unprincipled and roundly despised and disrespected people in Belgrade.

  14. DKM is rumoured to have been behind the threatened neo-Nazi anti-gay demonstrations that almost put paid to Serbia's EuroPride Rally in 2022. If that is right, then he did this despite his own homosexual leanings.

  15. We consider DKM to be a highly objectionable character, best kept at a long distance from political activities of all kinds.

We have decided to rest our case here. We challenge anyone to seek to rehabilitate this appalling person.


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