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A night out at the theatre

My wife and I love the theatre. We always enjoy the comedy shows. And it's funny, that comedy shows are the only ones we ever go to.

That's why, I became a comedy actor too. I like my job. I do it again and again. Because I like comedians and I enjoy their amusing styles of life and actions. Also I like their political leanings, even if they are looking for someone to help.

So whenever I go to the theatre, I always take tissue papers in case I laugh so much that I start crying. And I may continue crying until they have to carry me outside to meet my wife who doesn't know anything about these sorts of things. Tissue papers can also be valuable for blowing your nose in the bathroom, in case the dirty atmosphere has blocked your nose. And they have other purposes, but we certainly don't know anything about them.

My city is full of comedy theatres. I like going from one theatre to the next, taking notes of how humorous they are. And because my wife is not interested, I give her copies of my notes that she files under the bed so that in case of a fire or something else strange they can never be found again.

So we need more comedians in my city, especially those who like playing their parts in tragicomic dramas which as everyone knows is my favourite type of comedy. Some people I know are personal friends of mine, and they are directors of comedy shows. That's why, I always shower these conical actors with gifts but also with flowers.

And they will continue being comical, and I will continue to collect my audience membeship lists, and other relevant electronic theatre fliers, and we will continue to laugh together without any comedy.

I like comedy, but you do not. Laughing too much can cause mysterious spasms in the upper torso, and that's why you will remain a good boy who laughs and smiles and keeps his comedy show going but without being so funny that you fall over with mirth and then we need to call the hopsital or other authorities because we are worried about your health or other sorts of things


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